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The Broom Republic By Geleo Covenant

January 21, 2020



Who brought us here?

In this broom republic!

With their brooms

Unemployment swept in

This uncensored broom

Sickness swept in

Core hardship swept in

Corruption this, corruption that,

We are lost in dismay

Transmission, transmission, oh confusion

The Pharaohs of this generation.


Who brought us here?

In this chicken republic

Where we were, no longer where we are

Diversified distraction and classified extortion

...and the priest lost his words.

We tried finding our way back to where we were

Alas! Firemen blocking our way

In this technological era,

Dubai's tall tower,

China's moon car,

The USA and Russians alike,

And the broom republic

Oh what a shame!


In this broom republic,

The broomic stand of this broom saddens us

The broomees see nothing wrong about this

We are advancing? Nah, dehydrated!

The dehydration of this nation needs a legislation,

Who will pass the bill?

We are lost and confused!

Politiks of "touch not his anointed",

And the disastrous prophet

Godfathers and their rascality,


Area boys and their stupidity

Break this jinx oh compatriots.

Foreigners are scared

Looting and re-looting in a nation,

The gods are saddened

This broom of peaceful disaster.


Who brought us here?

Ghana must go, Ghana must go

And this rejection brought greatness to that city

Ah! This next level we desire,


...but not from this callous broom

Sick broom of uncircumcised division

Hate speech, hate speech

The body bag Mafian walks free

And the innocent is apprehended

Hunger strike and ASUU strike


The god of thunder must strike

Our politicians have conspired against us

Who shall deliver us from their wrath?

A dropout I am cos of this broom

Off my coast, they swept my education.


Oxford and Cambridge inhabits their wards

Yet I was made a drop out?

My life, I cannot surrender

For this useless broom is become a disaster.