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Nigeria: A Convenient Fiction, Forget About Restructure, Oduduwa Republic Beckons! By Bayo Oluwasanmi

February 5, 2020

A true federalism based on equity and fairness prevents agitation for separation. In the absence of a true federalism, separation is the alternative and the lasting solution.


Since the amalgamation of Nigeria by the British, Nigeria never knew peace. The amalgamation produced a “convenient fiction” known as Nigeria. The political arrangement makes for no political cohesion but political confusion and contradictions. 

The long running monopoly of power at the centre by the northerners anchored on politics of exclusion, gives undue and unmerited advantage and privilege to the northerners at the expense of other ethnic groups. The non-inclusive politics and governance practiced by the northerners, arbitrarily ceded the ownership of Nigeria as it were, to them. This practice of politics of exclusion makes it impossible for a government of collective purpose and common vision. The federalism practiced by northerners is a business run by family, village, clan, and Sharia irredentists.

The recent bombings, killings, kidnappings, Boko Haram, and Fulani herdsmen terrorists are the latest signs that Nigeria cannot be one country for long. Some Nigerians especially the delusional few ruling elites still believe the trading back and forth of Muslim and Christian, north and south presidents is the best way to prop up the collapsed country. 

It is tragic that General Muhammadu Buhari as president and his few supporters refused to see the handwriting on the wall that Nigeria is on the brink and that Nigeria has fallen apart. As a matter of fact, Nigeria has collapsed. There’s no semblance of government in any of the 36 states of the federation. We are watching a Nollywood horror movie “Nigeria: A Bloody Country” graphically depicted in unrestrained horrific state of disorder, killings, violence, corruption, escalating religious and ethnic tensions, that continue to fuel agitation for separation. 

For the past almost 60 years after independence, the situation in Nigeria looks no different. With each passing day, it looks irredeemable. Nigeria is always boiling. Always engulfed in violence. Disaster is always looming. It’s always fresh calamities. Nigeria has always been on the brink. Nigeria is doomed with an inexorable collapse. 

To think of restructuring Nigeria will be like pouring water into a basket. An attempt to restructure Nigeria will fail because the northerners with collaboration of few bribed Yorubas and Igbos will defeat any meaningful restructure. You all remember what happened at the National Conference set up by President Goodluck Jonathan. At the conference, the northerners opposed every progressive proposal such as more autonomy to the state and local governments. They opposed state and local police, new revenue sharing formula based on derivation and other ideas to move Nigeria forward from the 17th century feudal country to a modern 21st century nation.

The northerners remain the greatest obstacles to a workable union based on true federalism. Federalism is a political system that permits a large measure of regional self-rule, a preserver of liberties, and a vehicle for flexible response to citizens’ problems. These features are meant to reduce conflict between diverse communities. They are meant to encourage competition, creativity, and innovation. 

But the Northerners controlling the centre are anti-true federalism, anti-democracy, anti-one Nigeria. In their greed for power and resource control, they monopolized every available political and governmental positions. There used to be “federal character” whereby all states were equally represented in political appointments and in the federal bureaucracy. But, not anymore.

Federalism allows regions to federate and govern themselves, or risk national dissolution. The northerners’ interpretation and practice of federalism is winner takes all. The states have been turned to beggars. They have rendered the states powerless. The federal government has 68 items on its exclusive list - a recipe for dysfunctional federalism and ungovernable nation. The federal government is too powerful, too rich, too prodigal, too corrupt, too irresponsible and unresponsive, too moribund, and too lopsided to foster a united, purposeful, peaceful, and prospered nation.

A true federalism based on equity and fairness prevents agitation for separation. In the absence of a true federalism, separation is the alternative and the lasting solution. After almost 60 years, we still don’t know where we are coming from and where we are headed. Nigeria is not one. Nigeria can never and will never be a nation. Enough of the tomfoolery. Let’s reason like human beings with some intelligence and wisdom.

Now to the international community, America in particular. It is no more politically wise for the US to continue playing the role of non-interventionist in the theatre of destruction caused by religious bigotry and ethnic cleansing sponsored by General Buhari through his Fulani terrorists jihadists. By its sheer size, population, and economy, Nigeria is too important for the US to play the role of an observer. 

The US should do all in its power to hasten the peaceful break up of Nigeria before the Fulani terrorists jihadists plunge the country into another civil war. The situation in the country has reached the climax where separation is inevitable. The Igbos are long gone from Nigeria. The agitation for Oduduwa Republic is deafening. Oduduwa Republic beckons!