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Eedris Abdulkareem Calls Out Landlord For Sexually Harassing Wife, Denies Arrest By Police

February 10, 2020

Speaking with SaharaReporters, the artiste denied being arrested by the police as claimed in some quarters, adding that he leads a discipline and transparent life.


Hip hop musician, Eedris Abdulkareem, has called out his landlord, one Mr Oladipo Abimbola, for allegedly sexually harassing his wife.

Speaking with SaharaReporters, the artiste denied being arrested by the police as claimed in some quarters, adding that he leads a discipline and transparent life.

He said, “My problem with our landlord is his pervasive and predatory ways. 

“He comes to my house whenever he knows that I am not around to harass my wife. He seems obsessed with her. I don't understand why he cannot approach or talk to me whenever the need arises. He accosts her at home and on the streets. 

“He starts off with talking about the house before progressing gradually to his main interest. I have warned him several times to steer clear and stop harassing my wife.

“On a particular day, my landlord probably thought I wasn't around; so he made his moves again using the electricity providers as a ploy. Unfortunately for him, I was upstairs and overheard my wife telling him to stop harassing her because she was a married woman and that she doesn't tolerate such actions from men. 

“I came downstairs and went to his own side of the property (a twin duplex), through the adjoining gate and lashed out at him.

“He has deliberately kept his family away so as to have the freedom needed for his nefarious lifestyle.

Explaining that news of his arrest in the media was false, Abdulkareem said that he was only invited by the police over a malicious report made about him by his landlord.

He said, “When I received a police invitation from the Ikeja Area Command inviting me for a chat based on my landlord's claims that I beat him up and threatened his life; I wasted no time in honouring the invitation on the same day.

“I was appalled by the lies and apparent pre-emptive haste on the part of my landlord to perhaps play smart since I have warned him to stop harassing my wife sexually.

“I also told the police about a case involving one of his tenants, a single mother living in one of his properties in Mangoro area, who had to arrest and lock him up at a police station in Shasha area of Dopemu, Lagos, over the same issue of harassment. 

“As a social crusader and a voice of the voiceless, humility has always been my watchword in my personal space, and that is not about to change overnight. 

“I am not materialistic and I have never been one to showcase and flash materialism as an achievement. 

“For me, the best achievement is that which uplifts the people and put smiles on their faces.

“The landlord who was present when the appointment made in the presence of the Area Commander the previous day was nowhere to be found. He even switched off his phone so the IPO would not be able to reach him.”

Denying reports that he was owing electricity bills and having issues with the distribution company, the musician said, “As for the issues with electricity providers, that is a war we have already taken on, personally and collectively. 

“Just a cursory look or assessment of my estate will tell you that we depend on our individual generators to provide power, while the electricity providers keep sending outrageous estimated bills every other month.

“There's so much coming up concerning the electricity struggle soon.

“For naysayers and doubting Thomases, I will always be me. I keep my personal life quiet, so no one should think they know me. People only know what i allow them to know about me.”

Efforts to get Mr Abimbola to respond to the allegations were unsuccessful as calls and a text message sent to him were not responded to.