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Federal University Of Agriculture Abeokuta Vice-Chancellor, Prof Felix Salako, A Rogue Administrator On Devilish Mission Against Ifemosu Michael Adewale By Tijani Adebayo

March 14, 2020

We have struggled and come too far as students to surrender the sanity of our democratic institutions to the whims of a frightened VC, who dreads the days outside office when his inadequacies are no longer covered by state power. Enough is enough. Ifemosu Michael should be reinstated, Vice-Chancellor Salako must go.



Never has our institution, FUNAAB, been led by a recalcitrant head whose sworn mission, it clearly seems, is to go beyond all boundaries of professionalism and due process in proving his misplaced maladministration to the general public, his theft and rogue managerial accomplice ranging from the Registrar (Dr R.A Akinola) of the institution and benefactors by deploying series of lies and concocted, baseless information in prosecuting a war of attrition against a student, whose sole crime is being in the wrong books of those in power owing to his biting criticisms of the failures of their administration and leadership.

Ifemosu Michael Adewale's illegal expulsion and media trial has once again spotlighted the depth of unprofessionalism, rot and bureaucratic decay that has become the lot of Prof Felix Salako, R.A Akinola and it is truly alarming that a Vice-Chancellor whose display of callousness remains dangerous and unhealthy to educational growth are allowed to plunge the institution into new and unbelievable lows.

The allegations against Ifemosu Michael Adewale seemed straightforward enough until the desperation to hang the man by all means took a turn into follyville. 

First, he was accused of writing an article inimical to the institution. When the public pointed out how stupid and ill-thought out such an accusation was especially because Ifemosu enjoys no cordial relationship with the Vice-Chancellor and his cohorts, the accuser, egged on by the Registrar no doubt, changed his facts and alleged that he was expelled based on insubordination, later the same registrar standing in for the VC stated in his faulty counter-affidavit that Ifemosu was expelled based on the extant rules which was quoted as "threat/violence including slapping" to favour the accuser in a matter before the court. 

We all can see that the narrative was switched as if being fetched from a senile mind bent on achieving a set agenda.

For a management supposedly filled with sufficient manpower and intellectual acumen, it defies logic why the institution simply can’t reduce its accusation against Ifemosu into a coherent charge upon, which he ought to be arraigned for the adjudicatory determination of his guilt or innocence. Indeed, the only reason Ifemosu remains expelled is because his victimisation and expulsion are not based on ascertainable facts but on trumped up charges that give the management an official excuse to shop for offences against him.

We at Concerned FUNAAB Students have come to agree and show utmost solidarity with a man who dared the odds, who has written his name on the sands of time and gave himself a historical template forever.

We have received and read a lot of misinformation propagated by our useless, inept and weak student union leaders, who had pitched tent with the tyrant, Salako, and decided to nail off their own because they are afraid to dare the biggest odds. What a shameless lot they are.

The whole world continue to look on and laugh at us as we grapple as an institution with the arduous task of protecting students from the ineptitude of egoistic power-jobbers whose constant preoccupation is the lobbying of goodwill from the corridors of power rather than the prosecution of the demands of their office by law. 

Prof Felix Salako has failed his primary duties as the Vice-Chancellor of Nigeria’s foremost agricultural institution and any delay in his removal would simply deepen the rot of what his leadership brings upon our institution.

It is clear that the VC and Registrar whose gimmicks and ineptitude have tired even his circle of supporters is hoping to score a damming point to put him back in his corruption benefactors by illegally expelling and oppressing a marked critic of the management and the government. Their antics are thinly veiled and evil, and they bring nothing but reproach and shame on the institution they lead and the government that continues to implicitly ratify his actions by keeping him in office even well he has shown to the world that he is not mentally fit to be VC.

Prof Felix Salako typify the sort of men, who we must get rid of as a nation before their sycophancy strangles our institutions. 

Prof Salako needs to tell the world how Ifemosu lied and could not substantiate that he (Salako) never asked the security agencies not to arrest students that are guilty of cybercrime, which summersaulted into illegal arrest of student(s) by men of the Nigeria Police Force, SARS, EFCC, NDLEA. 

We have series of press releases to that effect that Salako lied against Ifemosu. A press release by Platform Times, said EFCC again invaded FUNAAB and arrested suspected Yahoo Boys, who are students. This is the link to the story "". 

AGAIN, Salako needs to tell the world how he said in his interview with FUNAAB Radio that the upgraded 19+ 4 existing Mancot buses he did in six months are still non-functional. 

As we speak, there are just less than eight functional buses. We ask the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission and ICPC to drastically swing into action.

Before it is too late, even as the sun continues to set on the unprofessionalism of Salako as Vice-Chancellor of FUNAAB, immediate action must be taken against his continued stay as head of the school. 

Nothing short of stripping him of the powers to discontinue his selfish enterprise of self-preservation can create the opportunity to set a new course for our tertiary institution.

On Ifemosu Michael Adewale, we reiterate our warning that his expulsion and trial are politically motivated. He has been subjected to ridicule and opprobrium for running the gauntlet of acerbic criticism against a failed and corrupt management. 

Our demand is simple, let him be reinstated without delay, unless his expulsion is backed by punitive action for his criticisms of the management and its retrogressive institutional policies.

We have struggled and come too far as students to surrender the sanity of our democratic institutions to the whims of a frightened VC, who dreads the days outside office when his inadequacies are no longer covered by state power. Enough is enough. Ifemosu Michael should be reinstated, Vice-Chancellor Salako must go. The sanitisation of institutional agencies is no respecter of persons and the removal of Prof Felix Salako would go a long way in shoring up the dwindling public trust and goodwill available to the President Muhammadu Buhari administration.