Bello, son of Kaduna State governor, Nasir el-Rufai, has apologised for threatening to 'rape' a Twitter user's mother.

In a short statement on Friday, Bello, who had earlier said he would not retract his comments, apologised for threatening to sexually assault the user's mother.

The statement reads, "A few days ago, I made a comment that was wrong, unbecoming and contrary to the values on which I was raised. I wish to withdraw that statement and apologise to the gentleman concerned for the hurtful comments. I apologise for appearing to attack an entire ethnic group for the misdeed of one person. 

"I regret the sexual innuendo in the private message, and apologise unreservedly for it. I wish to state very strongly that the statement was made during the heat of the moment and I wish to put on the record that I do not condone sexual violence."

Bello had while responding to the Twitter user on Sunday following a disagreement said, “Tell your mother I’m passing her to my friends tonight. No Igbo sounds please! Tueh. 

“Your mother is the main whore of the South-East. I can’t reply you publicly.

“F..k Kanu and take a picture of the Second Niger Bridge, thanks to Buhari.

“My mentions are mine. If a Sunday bastard makes up lies and drags my father, his mother will be games. If he doesn’t want it, he shouldn’t mention me. The crowd has never phased me.

“Truly your mother’s son. Does she still earn by earning 2,019 naira per suck on Azikiwe Street, Aba LGA? Tell her to wear mask and gloves while doing it due to this pandemic."

His comments was widely condemned by Nigerians including a former Minister of Education in Nigeria, Obiageli Ezekwesili, whom he also attacked for trying to reprimand him for his vile outburst.

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