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Abba Kyari: The Dark Cloud That Gave Birth To Windstorm By Buhari Olanrewaju Ahmed

It is obvious by now that the law is only for the poor and oppressed people. The social distance advocacy is only meant for the poor, while those in power can do whatever they want.



The rising sun suddenly set without giving out a sign, the moon refused to show up throughout the night. The sky is dark and heavily pregnant.

The cloud roars up the whirlwind, striking with a sign of thunderstorm, the pregnant cloud seems ready to give birth.

Browbeating and harassment are the tools used by the oppressors to oppress people. Also, abuse of power is the foundation they use to victimise citizens who stand against their oppressive principles.

The death of the Chief of Staff to President Muhammadu Buhari, Abba Kyari, remains a shock and totally unbelievable. His death came as a surprise to the ruling class which has generated more reactions in the society, even though almost 20 people have been killed by the police in Nigeria within two weeks, with the elites looking the other way.

Many called him Nigeria’s de-facto president who had the remote control in his firm grip. Some said he is the president in charge while President Buhari only serves as a camouflage.

Loyalty is not based on competence, if you cannot tell your story while you are alive, then people will narrate it otherwise for your children.

The ineptitude of the current regime has caused this country a big damage. Members of this regime followed in the footsteps of their predecessors, running to foreign countries at the slightest headache. Abba Kyari was one of them, he flew out of the country to the UK to receive the best of medical treatment.

On this occasion, Kyari was unable to fly out of the country because of the pandemic that has restricted movement out of Nigeria. And to make matters even worse, all foreign hospitals are unavailable at the moment for foreign patients. So, apparently, the stone they all abandoned has turned out to be the cornerstone.

The Nigerian healthcare system has collapsed for decades because of the negligence of APC government and their PDP colleagues.  If our healthcare system was in good condition, perhaps Kyari could have succeeded in his fight against COVID-19 despite his advanced age.

Power is transient while death comes without notifying anybody. The virtue of power is to use it wisely by changing the trajectory and revive the dying system. The importance of doing good is so that you leave behind a good legacy.

The death of powerful people like Abba Kyari should serve as a lesson to all politicians who see themselves as demigods. They must now understand that power belongs to God alone, and that within a day everything could go crumbling.

It is obvious by now that the law is only for the poor and oppressed people. The social distance advocacy is only meant for the poor, while those in power can do whatever they want.

As a public servant, Abba Kyari has written down his life history through his actions and inactions, his deeds while on earth are now speaking for him.

Nigerian politicians can still make use of the opportunity they have now while breathing by building standard hospitals in all the 774 local government areas in the country as a responsibility they owe the people, and also in anticipation of a day when they won't be able to fly out of the country for medical treatment. It is no rocket science, one has to save his pitcher for the raining days.

Those who are in power today should know that power is nothing after death. We are all subject to mortality. Our actions and inactions shall justify the kind of stories people will tell about us when we depart the sinful world.