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‘Not A Loss To Africa’: Burundians Jubilate Over Death Of President Nkurunziza After 15 Years Of Dictatorial Rule

Nkurunziza, aged 55, died on Monday but his death was announced on Tuesday by the government.

Citizens of Burundi, who recently lost their President, Pierre Nkurunziza, to a heart attack, are not hiding their joy at his death.

Nkurunziza, aged 55, died on Monday but his death was announced on Tuesday by the government.

Following the announcement of his demise, Burundians took to social media platforms to express their happiness while detailing many atrocities committed by his government. 


@ItsMutai said, “Pierre Nkurunziza was a dictator and an evil African leader. He impoverished his people and held them hostage. He killed hostages and exiled some of them like Kidum. He amputated others. His death is a relief to thousands. This is a moment of celebration, not grief.”

@kpaakgarukdaanu said, “Nkurunziza, a former leader of a #Hutu rebel group, was elected by lawmakers after promising peace but oversaw a crackdown on political opponents and the media when he was re-elected five years later.

“When #Nkurunziza stood for the third time in 2015, opponents said it violated a two-term constitutional limit. His supporters beat, tortured and executed activists, suspected opponents and journalists.”

@prinzonice said, “Maybe you're sad…me and the people I know are about to throw a party. A brutal dictator dies and you claim to be sad? Perhaps you were one of the ones to benefit from him.”

@gwong_john said, “His people definitely will celebrate his death… such a tyrant who went and changed the constitution to favour his third term in office. See how lives were lost.”

@emimoza described the President’s death as healthy detoxification. He said, “Undoubtedly, Nkurunziza was a dictator. No more than the other leaders of the African Great Lakes region. Healthy detoxification!”

@chukwudipeter82 said, “I remembered, his military personnel were busy killing the citizens during the post-election protest, the bastard gave no hoot about nothing, and instead he went playing football with his fellow demons. Where is he today? No man owns the world.”

@YYZanna said, “Man proposes, God disposes. In 2014, President Pierre Nkurunziza of Burundi tampered with the country's constitution to remove term limits that would enable him to extend his tenure in office until 2034.”

@bob_vanderhoeve said, “What do you mean "with great sadness"? And the other assassin?”

@HLusilavuvu said, “Among the feelings that do not animate me here is hypocrisy, so I refrain from making sweet eyes at Pierre Nkurunziza who has hampered African morality. I sympathize with his family but I want to remember that his disappearance is not a loss for Africa.”

@Oscar61264015 said, “It is worth nothing that goes away. He sacrificed a lot of lives of these citizens, he looted, massacred young innocents, then put Burundi in nameless misery and we talk of heroes this bandit of all time. Let them join the other.”

@icijew tweeted, “He considered himself untouchable, to the point of making fun of everyone ... whoever rises will be lowered says the word of God. This is a lesson to those who worshipped him as a demigod. Family condolences.”

@JeffersMiruka said, “This guy terrorized #Burundi since 2005. Called himself supreme leader, divine ruler, eternal supreme guide of patriotism and restricted religious freedoms.”

@Afazar1 said, “I am just sorry that he is going his own way and his leadership has not been brought to justice! Sadly, many Burundians have lost their lives and fled Burundi, and others have died in vain!”

@AGswkr said, “What kind of great man are you telling us? This murderer killed many people; unfortunately, he escaped the court and the jail.”

@GituroKahugi said, “Are you sick? Which legacy did that tyrant leave? It would have been good if that man got prosecuted and made to pay for all the atrocities he committed against his citizens.”