Members of National Human Rights Commission on Wednesday in Abuja staged a protest against rape and other violent crimes against women in the country.

The protesters led by the Executive Secretary, Tony Ojukwu, marched to the Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development to call for laws and policies capable of eliminating all forms of abuses against women and children.

The protesters said the public outrage and horror on account of rape and other violent crimes against women and girls had led to the deaths of many victims.

Ojukwu while addressing the protesters, said rape and Sexual and Gender-Based Violence had devastating consequences not only on victims or survivors but on the society. 

He said, "Rape and SGBV affects different categories of people, especially the most vulnerable like children, women, the elderly, persons with disabilities and men. 
"It is not only an abuse by the perpetrator, but also a violation when the responsible authority fails to take action to ensure redress and accountability to victims and survivors. 

"Strengthen institutions such as the police and judiciary tasked with the provision of these services and provide accessible essential services to survivors as well as ensure an accelerated disposal of cases on rape and SGBV. 

"Government at all levels to put in place laws, policies, programmes directed at addressing and eliminating all forms of violence against women and girls, children, persons with disabilities and men." 

On her own, Minister of Women Affairs and Social Development, Pauline Tallen, said rape pandemic was more than COVID-19 and must be given utmost priority. 

She called on all stakeholders to join the fight against the scourge of violence against women and children.

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