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CORE Demands Intensity In Fight Against Corruption By Nigerian Government

CORE expressed the view that the Federal Government’s Economic Sustainability Plan fails to address widening social inequality.

The Coalition for Revolution, a political movement, on Sunday elected a seven-man Coordinating Committee at its plenary session.

The committee has Gbenga Komolafe of the Federation of Informal Workers Organisations of Nigeria and Baba Aye of the Socialist Workers and Youth League as Co-conveners.

CORE in a statement lamented the corruption prevalent in the political system and called for a complete overhaul.

The statement reads, “Years of neglect of the public health system has left poor Nigerians vulnerable to the spread of COVID-19. While the bio-medical impact of the pandemic has officially but thankfully been limited thus far, CORE noted that the spread of the pandemic has had multiplier adverse effects on several health indices including maternal and child mortality and morbidity, national immunization programmes (especially for polio and measles) and malaria. This must be a wake-up call. 


“Thus, we demand improved funding of public healthcare starting with amendment of the 2020 budget for allocation to the health sector to be at least 15% in line with the 2001 Abuja Declaration. All elected and senior appointed public officers must use only public healthcare. Public hospitals are understaffed, government must embark on massive training and employment of medical and health personnel.

“It is impossible to safeguard the people’s health when 40% of Nigerians have no access to clean water and sanitation or when millions live in slums. We need an emergency plan to provide potable water for all, improve sanitary conditions and ensure proper housing for all.

“Governments must stop applauding health workers without providing decent working conditions. Adequate personal protective equipment must be provided for all health workers. Urgent provision of emergency cash grants for informal workers who have been rendered destitute as a result of the ill thought out government response to the pandemic, including a blanket lockdown which meant that the working poor exhausted their meagre resources on food and basic survival.

“Mass layoffs of workers will further undermine the wellbeing of workers and deepen the social- economic crisis associated with the pandemic, with only for-profit interests benefiting. This must be halted immediately and reversed where it has been implemented. The poor masses must be at the centre of economic recovery.”

CORE expressed the view that the Federal Government’s Economic Sustainability Plan fails to address widening social inequality. 

The group said the the structural root of poverty lies in the obscene wealth of a handful of people that must be addressed.

CORE further said the regime led by President Muhammadu Buhari represents continually rising insecurity, especially in Northern Nigeria, attacks on free speech, press freedom and democratic rights; and the intimidation and persecution of soldiers for speaking truth to power.