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Flood Takes Over Abeokuta After Heavy Rainfall Downpour

July 5, 2020

Many parts of Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital, were on Saturday submerged in flood following heavy rainfall, which lasted for several hours in the city.

The downpour left many houses submerged while vehicles were prevented from moving around except for articulated ones during the period.


Areas affected by the flood include Igbore, Ijeja, Isale-Igbehin, Amolaso, Kuto, Abiola Way, Kuto, Lefenwa, Oke-Mosan amongst others.

At Abiola Way, just before the NNPC junction, the dual carriage road was completely submerged while part of the building within the Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library was not spared.

Amolaso area and the communities beside and behind the Oke-Igbehin Government House were among the worst hit places as houses and shops were completely taken over by the flood.

The Ijeja Bridge linking the area with Omida on one side and Ogbe and Itoku on the other side were destroyed with the asphalt on the road washed away that vehicles couldn't pass through the area.