The Niger Delta Youth Association has petitioned the Department of State Services, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, the Presidency and others  over the massive embezzlement of public funds in the Niger Delta Development Commission and neglect of the region.

In an open letter signed by its National President, Comrade Victor James, and addressed to President Muhammadu Buhari and others, the group said, “I write to you all with a deep sense of sadness following your lack of defence for fundamental rights and economic freedom and growth of Niger Delta region. 

“Are you scared of arresting these senators, House of Representatives members and past governors who no longer have no immunity? Or are your hands all dirty (as the law often implies that he that seek equity must come with clean hands)? Or is it an indirect strategy designed to keep Niger Delta people impoverished? What is it that we don’t know about? Why the drama amongst elected politicians and NDDC management? If it was an activist, we sure it would be recorded as threats to national security for seeking for justice from government.

Niger Delta Development Commision (NDDC) Building, Port Harcourt.

“I put to you all in accordance to the principles of strategic leadership and development. The activities of senators, House of Representatives and governors taking advantage of Niger Delta people, via false contracts with impunity is a breeding ground for terrorism: when politicians siphon public funds excessively, they use to the detriment of state security structures. 

“They either use the money to buy properties outside Nigeria, or fund a terrorist group, through the grooming of jobless people who in return are used to carry as thugs to carry out electoral malpractices and violence, while of they fail to win, the thugs are turned to insurgents. The system is polluted from the top and I have looked into the Nigerian constitution closely; you have the power to enforce checks and balances in the country. 

“The appointment of corrupt individuals  by the President without properly checking the criminal records of those he appoints to represent Niger Delta people is an insult to our intelligence. If appointment has to go by partisanship, you need to pick people that protect the interest and dignity of Niger Delta people. Don’t make it look as if there are no decent people in that region because it is clear to all, that your appointment has no criteria to suit the integrity of the establishment.

“From senators to House of Representatives and governor and all the private contractors who failed to use the money they took from NDDC should be detained."

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