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COVID-19: AAC Condemns Lockdown Of Ogun State During Weekends

The party declared that the lockdown during weekends was directionless and senseless.

The Ogun State chapter of the African Action Congress has condemned what it described as unnecessary lockdown in the state.

The party declared that the lockdown during weekends was directionless and senseless.

Ifemosu Michael Adewale, Secretary of AAC in the state, asked Governor Dapo Abiodun to look for alternative health measures instead of the lockdown.

In a statement, Adewale said, “Ogun State shares border with Lagos State which is the epicentre of COVID-19, yet Lagos has long eased all lockdowns and designed safer means of returning her residents back to normalcy.


“The governor of Lagos State unlike the governor of Ogun State has shown a kind of uniqueness by thinking outside the box to look at how better to combat this dreadful pandemic.

“However, it is disheartening and unfortunate that in Ogun State, the continued lockdown shows that even the government does not care about the economic implications on the state.

“Without mincing words, we ask again that when is the governor going to come out in clear terms on what he has really achieved within two months of lockdown or whatever; how much he has received so far is yet to be published; how much he has spent so far is yet to be published.

“As stakeholders in this state, we are asking Governor Dapo Abiodun to make public all the spending and all accounts concerning COVID-19.

“We have discovered from our own findings that most of these isolation centres are not even in existence, no testing centres, how do the Ogun State COVID team arrive at all those results they keep releasing? We demand to know how they are getting and generating these results.

“The governor should stop locking the people of Ogun State down every weekend, he should look for alternative health measures.

“If those with his Excellency are bereft of ideas and do not know how to run a government, African Action Congress is ready to take over the government and can tell them what to do.”