The Christian Association of Nigeria has called on the Nigerian Government to begin a genuine intervention in putting an end to the incessant killings in Southern Kaduna.

The umbrella Christian body in the country chided the government for allowing the killings to continue through its inaction.

President of CAN, Samson Ayokunle, in a statement by his Special Assistant on Media and Communications, Pastor Adebayo Oladeji, posited that killings in Southern Kaduna continue to rise despite assurances from both the federal and Kaduna State Governments to nip the crisis in the bud.

Ayokunle questioned why the crisis in Kaduna State was only in the Southern part of the state, wondering why security agencies are yet to confront the killers.

CAN President

The statement reads, “Why is it the predominant Christian Southern Kaduna all the time? Don’t we have Northern Kaduna?

“Where is the statistical evidence for that? Who are the politicians involved in this inhuman and callous act that the Federal authorities have failed to apprehend or name? Do they have the right to be doing this scot-free if it is true? 

“While the present bloodbaths in the southern part of Kaduna state has been shown to be acts of criminality that should have attracted sanctions, the lacklustre disposition of the government  in stopping further massacre of Christians and decimation of their  communities by terrorist herdsmen speaks volumes on how government values human lives and genuine intervention. Should the gunmen and terrorists be more powerful than a legitimate government?

“Why couldn’t the Kaduna State Government with Federal authorities go into the bush where these herdsmen are and apprehend them? Why couldn’t they mop up the ammunition with which they are doing havoc?

“We equally observe that the government must redeem its image by addressing the constant murders and ethnic war going on in Taraba State, the constant herdsmen’s attack on people of Benue State and the senseless banditry in the Northwest of this country.

“The time is now for those God has committed leadership of this country to their hands to show more pragmatism and commitment. We have no other people to look up to for security than those of you in government. That was one of the reasons we put you there for all of us.

“People should not be allowed to result in self-help, but if this situation is not addressed, self-help might be the alternative because nobody would keep on watching for these nuisance to continue to be on the prowl and snuff life out of him or her.” 

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