The Inspector-General of Police in Nigeria, Mr Mohammed Adamu, has been discovered to be involved in a multi-billion naira fraudulent scheme.

Findings by SaharaReporters revealed that the IGP had used his office to unlawfully compel and in fact threaten Mobile Police Commanders into generating millions of naira monthly through illegal means for the establishment of a Mopol Training School in Endehu, Nasarawa State.

It was gathered that the same project was included in the 2020 budget of the Nigeria Police Force but was rejected by the National Assembly.

But desperate to fulfill his desire, the Inspector-General of Police had each Squadron Commanders cough out nothing less than N500,000 monthly for the purpose of erecting different structures in the training school.

Inspector-General of Police (IG-P), Mohammed Adamu

According to senior police officers in the know, the illegally sourced funds run into several millions each month and is under the firm control of Adamu.

“The IGP does not mind how these Mopol leaders get the money for the project, whether through corrupt means or otherwise, he does not care.

“The directive has made the Mopol Commanders do everything through corrupt means to raise millions of naira monthly to build the project just to satisfy the ego of the IGP and keep their positions too.

“The training school is about to be inaugurated on August 12 and the same Mopol Commanders are to be used as Guinea pigs to test run the facilities from August 16,” a source said.

SaharaReporters further gathered that the Inspector-General of Police had insisted on having the training go on at the facility despite the warning of health experts due to the risk of participants contracting and spreading Coronavirus.

This, it was discovered, was against government’s directives stating that meetings, seminars and courses with more than four participants must be held through virtual means.

“With all these directives in place, no one can truly state why the IGP is adamant that the course must go on, thereby risking the lives of more than 90 senior officers mostly within the rank of Assistant Commissioners of Police,” the source added.

In a 2019 public survey by the Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project titled “Corruption Perception Survey”, the Nigeria Police Force emerged the most corrupt public institution in the country, sharply ahead of the power sector.

According to the survey, "A bribe is paid in 54 per cent of interactions with the police. In fact, there is a 63 per cent probability that an average Nigerian would be asked to pay a bribe each time he or she interacted with the police. That is almost two out of three."

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