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Buhari's Love For Terrorists Vs Hatred For Peaceful Protesters By Ajiboye Amos Olakunle

The speed that the government uses to deploy armed forces to obstruct protest is a million time faster than the speed they use in deploying soldiers to the insecured Northern region.

It is a great achievement as Nigerians are beginning to see the handwritings on the wall. Our leader has publicly displayed a lack of interest for peace.

A nation that intentionally breeds terrorists for 'personal' use, where leaders breeds and keeps terrorists as though in a poultry/farm where they're kept for growth.

It is painful that the democracy we fought to achieve in 1960 has been murdered and shattered by callous and prodigal Nigerians, who've attained political posts.

A democratic setting where the government frowns at the public's opinion, a country where Nigerians are made to enjoy deprivation of rights without allowing any revolt or revolution.


Ever wondered why education is one of the most dormant sector that seems forgotten or unimportant?

A nation where it interests leaders to spend more on ammunitions than books because the armed forces is their tools to achieve their political nonsensical and mischievous agenda.

The speed that the government uses to deploy armed forces to obstruct protest is a million time faster than the speed they use in deploying soldiers to the insecured Northern region.

No wonder a large percentage of Nigerians are too scared of protest as the government had ensured a death sentence to reward peaceful protesters.

It is so sarcastic that the armed forces that was recognized by the constitution to ensure protection of citizens are being made to ensure the death of her citizens.

Obviously, terrorists, who have executed countless victims are been systematically rescued from justice. Countless soldiers who've sacrificed all to protect the nation have been killed by them. 

Terrorists are being logically integrated, celebrated, rewarded even through they've caused the country's misfortune; economically, socially and mentally.

In the midst of this abnormalities and draconian era, some patriots; peaceful agitators have risen to oppose such actions. They've risen to rescue their people from such 'cannibals'

The patriots are those who've questioned every unruly acts of the government through protest, literature and every means.

The patriots have been rewarded by the government with jails. The jails where they're made to regret patriotism.

However, the determination of these patriots is unshakable so is that of all Nigerians. No bargain will quench it

We've seen terrorists rewarded with political offices, a payback for dancing to the tunes of their masters.

No wonder I've always said; 'a leader that rescues terrorists is their leader.' It is only a terrorist that will obstruct peaceful agitators.

We've seen criminals sent to the Presidential Villa, assembly and several ministerial offices but yet, they drive patriots; common Nigerians, peaceful agitators to jails.

The most promising event is revolution. No matter how hard they discourage it. The people are ready and the train has started moving.

Everyone is beginning to see the handwritings on the wall, they're beginning to realize the truth, the way and the life.

We're beginning to wake from our very long sleep. It's been too long a sleep.

However, it's not that we sleep too much. It was the 'cannibals' who induced us so as to carry out their draconian actions.

We're back now and we're hopeful as patriots have risen to the rescue of the nation.

Our patriots are not here for frivolities, appointments or stolen wealth.

They're here to take back what belongs to the people.

They're not bothered by anything or reward a because the greatest reward granted to man is history, it remains forever.

Let patriotism soar, it pays better than the empty, nonsensical political promises.

I am a patriot and your greatest mistake will be your apathy to patriotism, agitation for good governance and revolution.