The Take It Back Movement has called on Nigerians to organise themselves to resist extra-judicial activities and killings by security agencies.

The Osun State chapter of the movement made the call following the killing of two boys by Joint Task Force of Osun State.

It was gathered that the boys were involved in an accident after a hot chase by some officers of the state's JTF.

Three of them were said to have been rushed to the hospital while two others died on the spot.

The movement, in a statement by the state Coordinator, Owoeye Olaoluwa, said Nigerians should voice out against all odds and machineries being used to oppress the people by security agencies.

The statement reads, “Yesterday's demonstration that happened as a reaction to the death of Idris and his friend is a pointer to what is looming. It is an inevitable way of registering displeasure in a system that mobilises security forces to gag and extort the citizens.

“The Take it Back Movement in coalition with civil rights bodies is demanding a sane society for all and this we will keep pushing towards. Our revolutionary demands remain and we will harness every quarter to smash this oppressive system to install a pro masses system that works for all.

“We must start organizing massively to resist the brutality and oppression of the security forces as our number is our strength.”

The movement urged the people to come out to join the protest scheduled for 1st of October.

“Let's pull out for massive resistance as injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere,” it added.

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