Two years after its domestication, the Administration of Criminal Justice Law has yet to be effectively implemented in Adamawa State.

As a result, the British Council and Nigerian Barr Association are pushing for its implementation with a view to enhancing speedy administration of justice.

Among the celebrated innovations in the law are timelines set for the dispensation of justice, protection of the rights of suspects, prohibition of arresting relations in lieu of suspects and non-custodial sentences.

Under the non-custodial sentencing, a convicted person is commuted to community service instead of serving jail term at a correctional service facility. 

It has also made provisions for probation and parole.

The law also now gives women the right to stand as sureties to secure the bail of a detained person. 

There is also a provision for professional bondsmen to carter for the needs of persons detained, who may not have a surety within reach.

At a sensitisation on Thursday in Yola, the Adamawa state capital, civil society groups were tasked to step down the campaign for the implementation of the law.

NBA Chairman in the state, Jibril Ibrahim Jimeta, stressed the need for the institutions of the criminal justice system to apply the law so as to end arbitrariness.

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