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#ENDSARS: Again, Nigerians Call For Scrapping Of SARS Over Killing Of Youths

The renewed call came on Saturday with youths and rights organisations urging the police and the government to scrap the unit.

Nigerians have again called for the scrapping of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad of the Nigeria Police Force following fresh extrajudicial killings of Nigerian youth.

The renewed call came on Saturday with youths and rights organisations urging the police and the government to scrap the unit.

Youths on social media also called for total rejection and reprisal against the unlawful activities of SARS operatives with the hashtag #WarOnSars.


Different Nigerians shared video clips showing how SARS operatives illegally arrest, extort and kill youths at will.

One of such video was how SARS offcials in Delta State shot a youth and left with his vehicle, leaving him for the dead.

Another video showed police walking up to a man in a gas station and arresting him.

@GlorYBaee revealed how SARS arrested his teenage cousin for having a white girl’s picture on his phone.

She explained that the family paid N35,000 to get the cousin freed.

“SARS just picked up my 19-year-old cousin, someone that just stepped out to cut his hair. #EndSARS.

“They stopped him and searched his phone, found a white girl's picture he saved from Facebook. That was his offence. They're asking for N50,000 bail. He's in Bayelsa State CID. They've released him on N35,000 bail,” she shared on Twitter.

Prominent Nigerians also joined in the call for the end of the exhibition of lawlessness and impunity by SARS officials.

@APOSTLESULEMAN said, “SARS should be proscribed. They are a disgrace to the police. They are worst than the criminals they claim to be against. Their trigger-happy nature has rendered mothers childless, sent youths on premature extinction, wasted destinies, they will reap what they sow."

Former Vice President of Nigeria, Atiku Abubakar, said SARS had derailed from the purpose of its establishment and had become an oppressor.

He said, “The Special Anti-Robbery Squad unit of the @PoliceNG was set up to confront violent crimes such as armed robbery, kidnapping and other related crimes. "However, the unit has today morphed into an oppressor of the Nigerian masses who strive every day for a better life.

“Reports of intimidation, harassment and outright extortion by officers of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad have continued unabated.

“I strongly condemn their cruel actions against our people, and I urge the government to rise to the occasion and nip this monstrosity in the bud with the seriousness it deserves.

“It is expedient that the activities of SARS are reviewed to ensure that the rogue elements are excised from the unit and sanity returned to its operations.”

Former Director-General of the Bureau of Public Service Reforms, Joe Abah, also knocked the government for keeping mum over the “nefarious activities” of SARS officials.

“Is it that the @NigeriaGov and the @PoliceNG are not aware of the nefarious activities of SARS or that they support it? I don’t understand. #EndSARS,” Abah asked.

@_harrisonJNR said, “I don't want to be dragged out of my car and embarrassed by any official after I have struggled to earn a legal living for myself. #EndSARS”

@iSlimfit said, “I remember when they said #EndSARS was just an unnecessary social media noise of attention seeking people. Until victims started supporting their claims with video evidence. I wonder if @MBuhari, @ProfOsinbajo and co would claim they've never seen these videos!”

@khadijasanusi_ said, “Who do we turn to when the people tasked with protecting us are the ones harassing, blackmailing and killing us? #ENDSARS.”