David Oyedepo, presiding Bishop of the Living Faith Church, has hailed #EndSARS protesters calling for extensive police reforms and an end to rights violations in the country.

Oyedepo while speaking during the second service of the church on Sunday said President Muhammadu Buhari was leading a regime with no regard for human lives.

He added that the administration was killing the country's future leaders.

He said, “I warned this land concerning the evils that lay ahead, I was grievously attacked but see what is happening today, see where we are today.

“Many cannot pass through because of the protest which is legitimate, the protest is legitimate.

“If law enforcement agents can start shooting indiscriminately, senselessly at young individuals — imagine if we were killed as youths, will we be here today?

“If they (government) were killed when they were youths, will they be where they are today? And because no one can tell who is next, the youth have the legitimate right to express their displeasure and express it.

“Understand my moral reason for being quiet, I have been quiet because I warned. If the youth standing today stood by what I said, we won’t be here.

“There is no way the wicked can rule and people will rejoice, when the wicked rules, the people mourn. Absolute disregard for human life is the identity of this regime without any feelings whatsoever.

“Lord have mercy, you sent your warning and we refused to heed it about this wicked system. People who will change the story of Africa are among them, the devil does not just kill, his fight is against kings.

“When you see an onslaught like this, it is haunting for the kings — who can tell whether one of those ones slain is ordained to be president of this nation that will bring the nation out of the woods, we can’t tall.

“It is not for lack of what to do, it is finding a way to legitimately express their displeasure with this killer system.”

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