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'History Will Be Unkind To Them' —Nigerians Lambast Tinubu, Buhari As They Mourn Slain Protesters

October 21, 2020

Some Nigerians on social media have accused Buhari and Tinubu of being involved in the killings.

Nigerians are angry with President Muhammadu Buhari and Bola Tinubu, national leader of the All Progressives Congress, following the killings of an unconfirmed number of people by security operatives at Lekki Toll Gate, Lagos.

SaharaReporters gathered that the unarmed protesters were at the tollgate singing the national anthem before soldiers opened fire on them, according to the videos that circulated online.

Hours after the incident, the Presidency has yet to release a statement to condemn the barbaric act.


Some Nigerians on social media have accused Buhari and Tinubu of being involved in the killings.

Here are some comments gathered by SaharaReporters from Twitter:

@OlaDavis; "How did Bola Tinubu manage to wield so much power in Nigeria? How did he become so untouchable? 50% of the toll revenue probably goes to him, and you decided to kill people because of money. Money that isn't yours. ‪#EndTinubu‬ ‪#EndBuhari‬ ‪#EndThemAll.”‬

@Olamifadipe; "You have been doing PR and selling Tinubu 2023 agenda for us (for some time). I hope you will desist from it now. Buhari must go. Tinubu must go. Sanwo Olu must go. ‪#BuhariResign‬ ‪#EndBadGoveranceInNigeria.”‬

‪@Mz_cutielicious; "‬History will be unkind not only to Buhari, Tinubu and sanwoolu and any foot soldier involved. God will see to your end. Enough is enough."

@Oksanazonnet; "‪@MBuhari‬, plz note, immunity won't last forever, Sir you have a case to answer for killing innocent youths ...5 minutes National address would have stopped this. I regret the day I was born into this country. I regret the day I cast my vote for you as my President."

@Don_TEE; "Tinubu is trying to deny he had any hand in this. Who ordered the CCTV to be dismantled? Who ordered the lights to be turned off? Who ordered soldiers to get there and start shooting? Tinubu, Sanwo-Olu and Buhari are all involved."

@NigerianRise; "Today is a sad day for us, the day the President decided to paint the flag of our country with the blood of our citizens. The lives lost Today will always leave a hole in the hearts of all Nigerians, Buhari is no longer a bad boy; he is a murderer ‪#EndSARS."‬

‪@NIGGARICKS; "‬Politicians think Nigerians will get tired after Today especially. All they have done is ignited something that has been fueling up for decades. And The world is watching. Buhari, Tinubu, and the bad governance of Nigeria, your time is coming to an end. Stand by."

@Royzkingin; "History will never forget the roles Buhari, Tinubu and Sanwo Olu played in Today's genocide. Posterity will judge you all and your offsprings."