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Police Have Become Instrument Of Terror, Shiite Group Says, Demands Release Of Zakzaky

October 21, 2020

The statement read, "The brutality of the Nigerian police force is impossible to be justified. What excuses or alibis have the police got for killing or injuring protesters

The Academic Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria on Tuesday said policing in Nigeria has been turned into an instrument of terror, causing great harm and injury to innocent people who are supposed to be protected.

The group, in a statement by its spokesperson, Abdullahi Muhammad Musa, accused the Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, of being complicit in killings of innocent Shi'ites by police officers.


AFIM called on the Nigerian government to release Ibrahim El-Zakzaky, its leader, from detention.

The statement read, "The brutality of the Nigerian police force is impossible to be justified. What excuses or alibis have the police got for killing or injuring protesters?

"They were calling for the immediate and unconditional release of an oppressed person that the Nigerian Army had traced to his residence, spraying him and his wife with bullets, slaying his three sons before his naked eyes, eliminating over a thousand of his followers, dragging him on the gory corpses of the murdered sons, setting his residence on fire and demolishing it.

"The campaign against illegal detentions, destruction of properties, extortions, torture, harassment and execution of Sheikh Zakzaky's supporters can never be condoned by any civilised society, and should not be overlooked here in Nigeria.

"Recall that on July 22, 2019, police operatives opened fire on #FreeZakzaky protesters at the federal secretariat, maiming a lot and killing twelve (12) on the spot and later another three (3) died in FCT SARS detention centre. Even the late DCP was killed by the bullets of his colleagues, the sole aim of which was to frame the protesters whose only demand has been, and yet is, freedom for their leader, Sheikh Zakzaky, and his wife, Zeenah Ibrahim; according to the legal order by the Supreme Court of Justice in Nigeria.

"The shoot-to-kill doctrine of the Nigerian police, when it comes to protesters, has claimed many lives, including Precious Owolabi, an apprentice journalist with Channels TV, who was executed for recording police crimes. 

"Despite the Federal High Court judgement delivered by Justice Taiwo O. Taiwo, the police are still detaining eight (8) corpses of Free Zakzaky protesters at the National Hospital and Asokoro District Hospital, Abuja. It was so bloody a massacre.

"Till now, eight families have yet to bury their fathers, brothers and sons. These eight people, who were executed by the police, are not only dead; they are also hostages. 

"Despite the preposterous defence of the atrocious transgressions and their dilly-dallying on issues necessitating quick and urgent response or action, killing of the journalist, Alex Ogbu, by the police, early this year has further exposed their complicity in numerous crimes, their dealings with fellow citizens, and poor handling of issues indeed. It is regrettable the police have assigned to themselves the right to decide whom to drop dead or continue to inhabit planet earth."