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The Ahmadu Bello Syndrome: The Curse Of Nigeria By B.U Nwosu

October 29, 2020

Buhari will continue to slaughter innocent men and women from Southern Nigeria because he is backed by oil-thirsty Britain. His office as the President of Nigeria and its Minister of Petroleum ensures uninterrupted flow of oil wealth from Southern Nigeria to his colonial masters whom he worships.

The cat is out of the bag in Nigeria! The ongoing massacre, arrest, and incarceration of Nigerian youth across the Southern region by the hounds of the British Empire masquerading as Nigerian soldiers and police officers, shows who is actually calling the shots in Nigeria. The most powerful person in Nigeria is never the President or any of the motley figures parading the chambers of parliament in Nigeria. No, it has always been the British High Commissioner to Nigeria. He or she rules Nigeria through the Fulani elite for the British. This is the only constant about Nigeria, a beautiful country mired in the morass of putrid neo-colonialism. Any other supposition or hypothesis on the statehood of Nigeria is wishful thinking.

Luckily, our youth have figured out the truth for themselves!

From the Nigeria-Biafran Civil War of 1967-70, to the annulment of June 12, 1993 Presidential election that was won by a non-Fulani, and the aerial bombardment of Odi oil-producing area of the Niger Delta, to the sacking of King Kanu’s palace in Afara-Ukwu, and the recent atrocious Lekki massacre, there has been one constant in all these calamities: a threat to the economic interests of Britain in Nigeria! If you doubt me, please watch the movements of the British High Commissioner to Nigeria during any of these catastrophic events.

Everyone who has ruled Nigeria or will rule Nigeria in the future will be vetted and cleared by the British House of Lords and members of the British titled aristocracy who are the real owners of the entire oil resources and countless businesses in Nigeria, which are surreptitiously run for them by hand-picked Nigerian saboteurs who pose as front men and women for the British interests in Nigeria. Nigeria is the most corrupt country on earth, and the heartbeat of this stunning corruption is the petroleum sector, but how many of Nigeria’s former Ministers of Petroleum are in jail? The former Minister of Petroleum, Mrs Allison-Madueke, who is supposedly wanted in Nigeria for high crimes in the oil sector, has thumbed her nose at Nigeria and is cooling her heels in London! Isn’t it shocking that the ubiquitous BBC News service based in London has not tracked her down to interview her about the allegations against her in Nigeria? Is it possible that BBC has been warned not to pull at the thread that would unravel the entire garment of international corruption in Nigeria’s oil sector? Along the same line, the current Minister of Petroleum is also the certificate-less dictator, General Buhari, who parades himself as the President of Nigeria.


Nigeria is poor because home-grown traitors like Buhari are actively transferring Nigeria’s national wealth from the Southern parts of the country to Britain. However, when the wealth springs from Northern Nigeria, the Fulani elite become wise and guard it jealously. A majority of the oil wells in Niger Delta are owned and operated by the Fulani elite, but no Southerner owns a single patch of earth in the vast gold deposits in Zamfara State in Northern Nigeria, which, you guessed right, is completely owned and exploited by the Fulani elite!

Happily, our sophisticated youths have figured out the true nature of Nigeria and they have let loose on the streets of Nigeria. For a long time, Nigerian youths have sat on the sidelines watching their peers in other parts of the world starting global businesses, having access to the best education, and enjoying the dividends of living in the 21st century. But what do Nigerian youths have to show for being alive in this century? Nothing but corruption, high-handed draconian administration that hacks back to the Stone Age, state-sponsored terrorism that is run from the Nigerian Ministry of Defense, dirty roads filled with potholes, poor sanitation, rampant diseases, epileptic power supply, and senseless deaths at the hands of unhinged police officers and soldiers.

But the years of deception have come to an end, and the era of reckoning is upon us. The Nigerian youths have risen to take back what has been stolen from them. Any politician or British errand boy or girl can build mansions and businesses across Nigeria with stolen Nigerian wealth, but these youths are hot on their heels.

But what exactly has sent our peaceful youth over the cliff?

To understand the chronic spasms of violence in Nigeria you would have to go back to the forced, dubious, and fraudulent amalgamation of independent African nations - Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa, Fulani, Ibibio, etc. – by rampaging British freeloaders into what is now known as Nigeria. At its core, this comingling of free-standing ancient African nation states with their distinctive cultures and prerogatives was for the sole purpose of enabling the British Empire to pillory the riches of the vast West African colony. To ensure that this shaky contraption did not fall apart, the British empire selected the most poorly educated group in this amalgam to serve as their willing slaves; to become the eyes and ears of the British in this West African colony and manage it for them through a process of unbridled subterfuge and sabotage of the national will of the geographical space they named Nigeria.

The first salvo of this long-running sabotage came during the fight for Nigeria’s independence in the 1950s when the founders of Nigeria were incessantly harassed by the British, thrown into prisons, and exiled from Nigeria because of their sustained pressure on the occupying British crown to end its illegal occupation of West Africa and return to Europe. At a point, Nnamdi Azikiwe’s West African Pilot, the veritable newspaper and mouthpiece of the colonized people of West Africa, was shuttered and Azikiwe was declared wanted in his place of birth by rampaging British interlopers. He escaped by the skin of his teeth into exile in Ghana. Similar and far worse treatments were meted out to other outspoken Nigerian freedom fighters. But in all this, one leader was completed spared by the British, the Saduana of Sokoto, Alhaji Ahmadu Bello, who, following his education in Britain was sent back to Nigeria to subvert the fight for Nigeria’s independence, the same way that the white Afrikaans National Party in South Africa used Mongosuthu Buthelezi of the Inkata Freedom Party to subvert the push to end apartheid and enthrone majority rule by Nelson Mandela and the African National Congress. At several junctures during the 1950s, freedom-loving politicians from Southern Nigeria moved to table the bill for Nigeria’s independence in the parliament only to be subverted by Ahmadu Bello and his minions on the sole reason that Northern Nigeria was educationally backward and needed decades to catch up with the South. This gave the British more time to accelerate their exploitation and despoiling of the West African giant.

In 1956, things got to a head when freedom-loving politicians from Southern Nigeria, sensing the much-weakened position of the crumbling British Empire after the Second World War, called for Nigeria’s independence. Then the British swung into high gear and deployed Ahmadu Bello to delay the process even further. Finally, in 1960, the British rewarded their man Friday in Nigeria by rigging the first general election in Nigeria in favour of the party run by Ahmadu Bello. This act essentially handed all the instruments of power and leadership to the Fulani elite and has now created the monstrosity that has held Nigeria back since independence sixty years ago. On October 12th, 1960, eleven days after Nigeria’s independence, Ahmadu Bello granted an interview to the BBC where intoxicated with borrowed power, he blurted out, “This new nation called Nigeria should be an estate of our great grandfather, Uthman Dan Fodio. We must ruthlessly prevent a change of power. We use the minorities of the North as willing tools and the South as a conquered territory and never allow them to rule over us, and never allow them to have control over their future.”

This was similar to the grand subterfuge that the British tried to create in East India in the run up to their independence in 1947 when the British was covertly working with Mr Jenna, a Moslem, to undermine the fight for independence by Mahatma Ghandi, a Hindu. Luckily for the nations that came out of British-occupied East India, the amalgamation blew up in 1947.

How does General Buhari come into this?

As a result of the self-acclaimed backwardness of the Northern regions in education by Ahmadu Bello, who refused to educate his people like the other founders did, there was a surreptitious policy to grant waivers to young men from Northern Nigeria in the run up to Nigeria’s independence, and enlist them in the military without proper certification, and proceed to train them overseas as regular officers. In this wild scheme, supervised by the British Empire, the current dictator of Nigeria, General Muhammad Buhari was wangled into the military without a first-school-leaving certificate and then onto Britain’s Sandhurst Academy for military training despite his lack of any proof of formal elementary education!

This man, Buhari, has now ordered and supervised repeated massacres of Nigerians since 1967 till date, for the sole purpose of protecting the interests of his European colonial masters. This certificate-less president, who treats Boko Haram terrorists with kid glove, has no compunction in dispatching state-run terrorist squads masquerading as officers of the Nigerian military to massacre harmless, unarmed protesters in Lagos and elsewhere. As I write, this dictator and his minions are arresting and jailing youths across the country following recent demonstrations against his dictatorship.  

Buhari will continue to slaughter innocent men and women from Southern Nigeria because he is backed by oil-thirsty Britain. His office as the President of Nigeria and its Minister of Petroleum ensures uninterrupted flow of oil wealth from Southern Nigeria to his colonial masters whom he worships. When Buhari ordered the massacre of members of the Indigenous People of Biafra in broad daylight in 2017, after returning from a 6-month medical junket in Britain, the BBC and the then British High Commissioner in Nigeria, Mr Paul Arkwright, quickly defended Buhari’s atrocities and provided cover for him in the international community.

This corrupt pact between the Fulani elite in Nigeria and their British masters ensures a continuous flow of wealth from the rich oil wells in Southern Nigerian to Britain, specifically into the coffers of the ladies and lords of the British titled aristocracy. This is the Ahmadu Bello syndrome: a slavish sabotage of one’s country for the enrichment of his or her colonial masters. This syndrome will spell the doom of Nigeria just like the forced amalgamation of British-administered East India broke apart in 1947, because the dispossessed youths of Nigeria have arisen to assert their place in the sun.