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#EndSARS Protest, Wake-up Call, Shows Nigerians Ready To Start Pushing Back —Tambuwal

October 30, 2020

He made the comments in Sokoto on Thursday.

Aminu Tambuwal, governor of Sokoto state, has said the #EndSARS protest is proof that Nigerians were ready to start pushing back to demand transparency and accountability from government.

He made the comments in Sokoto on Thursday.


He said, “In our country today, we are faced with banditry, rape cases, corruption, mismanagement of funds, nepotism, insurgency, and so many issues that threaten the unity of this country.

“Posterity will not fail to judge us all for our actions and inactions if we do not speak; it is we the people that will change Nigeria.

“The recent #EndSARS protests that rocked across the country and even beyond is a wake-up call to our leaders. The fact that they have pushed us so much to the wall shows that Nigerians are ready to start pushing back.”

He added that the people must be included in the budget making process, according to the News Agency of Nigeria.

“We must adopt the participatory approach to budget making; before the budget office of the presidency, the ministry of finance and budget planning finalise any budget, they must organise town hall meetings. This will gather the inputs of the people and determine priority areas.

“If the people participate in the budget-making process, they will also follow how the appropriated money is being spent and by this they will demand transparency and accountability from government officials.

“The people’s engagement in these processes strengthens and deepens democracy, and this ensures that the process of the rule of law is followed," he said.