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President Donald J. Trump’s Concession Speech, By Rudolf Okonkwo

November 8, 2020

In the last four years, I have accomplished for America things that presidents that were in office for twelve years did not accomplish. It is not even close. I made America a big-league winner again.

Fellow Americans,

Nobody knows the joy of winning better than I do, believe me. I have always been a winner for as long as I can remember. Okay? Nobody knows the beauty of fighting to win better than I do. I am always a fighter and when I fight, I win.  Everybody knows that.

I have reached the very top. Absolutely. And I reached the top at a very tremendous speed. You all know it. The first time I ran for office, I ran for president. It was beautiful. Right? What usually takes great men three attempts before they get a win, I won in a landslide the very first time I ran. I heard that it has never been done anywhere else in the world.

In the last four years, I have accomplished for America things that presidents that were in office for twelve years did not accomplish. It is not even close. I made America a big-league winner again. I put billions and billions of dollars into your pockets through my amazing tax cuts. I have shown you that everything is possible if you have the right man to do the right job. Everybody is saying so.

All over the world, there is huge respect for America again, in some cases, even massive fear. Bigly! Which is good. I made it happen. Nobody messes with America because I highly insisted on it. I placed America first, which is fair. I stopped those out of control dope and overrated countries that get away with murder at the expense of America. It didn’t happen again. Not on my watch! I was tough so that America would be triumphant.


The world had never seen anything like that before.

Because of me, the next generation of Americans will grow up knowing that America is the greatest nation on earth, full of courageous men like me. Thanks to me, they will grow up knowing that ours is a Christian nation where it is allowed to say Merry Christmas. Our children and grandchildren will grow up knowing that the whole world is out there for them to dominate and not bow to the sissies who think that we must worship the environment at the expense of the staggering economy that I built.

Frankly, I have done everything that I set out to do – most of which were things that have never been done before. I have in place the greatest military that humans ever assembled for our incredible men and women in uniform. I assembled it in just four years by rebuilding our powerful military that they destroyed due to neglect and incompetence. I secured America from coast to coast with walls and wires, cages and visa bans. I took care of it, just as I promised I would do. I returned America under God. Before I came, they had taken America to the shrines of the devil.

Americans love me because of these outstanding accomplishments. I have seen it on the faces of fabulous Americans while I travelled around the country in the last few weeks.

To be perfectly honest, I could stay around and fight. And it is a fight that I know that I will win. But I have decided not to. There is no point.

I believe that I have nothing else left to prove. My achievements will be around till the end of time. I won’t be surprised if, by January 20, 2021, my face would go up on Mount Rushmore to join other presidents of my calibre. It won’t surprise me one bit. People think it is going to happen.

To all my special supporters, I say thank you for the unbelievable fantastic ride. Don’t despair, for I will send you a brilliant comforter. Those stupid little lightweights on the other side who have no clue may taunt you. When those clowns do, remind the goofy and crooked losers that I made America great again. Tell those terrible lowlifes that they have proved themselves unworthy of Donald Trump’s genius and have opted to reduce America to a Second Class nation in the world. Total Disaster!

So, my fellow American, I bide you all farewell.  May God bless you, and my God bless the United States of America.

Yours truly,

President Donald J. Trump

The 45th President of the United States.