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REVEALED: How Police, Thugs Killed Delta Residents During #EndSARS Protest

While the killings at Lekki Toll Gate, Lagos, received the major spotlight, killings happened in other parts of the country, also.

The recent #EndSARS protest in Nigeria ended on a bloody note with police, soldiers and government-sponsored thugs unleashing terror on peaceful and armless protesters.

While the killings at Lekki Toll Gate, Lagos, received the major spotlight, killings happened in other parts of the country, also.


Asaba town, Delta State, also recorded shootings and killings of young people protesting police brutality under the #ENDSARS agitation.

On October 21, as protesters gathered to continue their peaceful demonstration, little did they know that the police had connived with thugs to open fire on them.

SaharaReporters gathered that at about 7:00pm that day, officers from A Division of Asaba Police Command together with some thugs, stormed the protest ground at Summit Junction and Interval Roundabout with a convoy of 12 vehicles.

Over five people were confirmed dead and many left with gunshot injuries.


“The protest, which was going on peacefully turned violent when the police and thugs opened fire on us.

“The officers came from A Division Police Station. They stayed around Grand Hotel and were shooting at protesters.

“Police, soldiers and the thugs were shooting randomly at protesters and even those that were passing and not part of the protesters,” a protester told SaharaReporters on the condition of anonymity, revealing that the police were still hunting for people who recorded the killings on their mobile devices.



Another protester revealed to SaharaReporters that the police after killing, carried the bodies into their van.

“I saw them shot about two or three people, and they carried the body into their van,” he said.

A passer-by, who was hit by a bullet in the waist, explained how he escaped being killed by the police.


He said, “I was just going home, I was close to the Federal Medical Centre, three Hilux police vans drove in and started shooting.

“Immediately, everybody started running away. I saw the police shoot somebody on his head and carried the body in their vehicle.

“When they saw that I saw them, they pursued me and were shooting.


“Bullet hit me on the waist and I tried to get into the FMC. When I entered, they turned back.”

Another gunshot victim explained how he was caught in between the attack on the protesters by thugs and police.


“It happened on the 21st of October when youths in Delta were displaying their placards and still angry at the shooting of protesters in Lagos.

“I closed from my workplace at Summit Junction and when I was crossing the road, soldiers started shooting at protesters.


“While I was trying to escape, I was hit in my leg. The bullets affected my two legs,” he said.

Another victim, who identified himself as Lazarus, said he was in a tricycle when he heard gunshots.

He added that before he knew what was happening, bullet hit him inside the tricycle.


He said, “I am a mechanic. On that day, I closed from work, as I was getting to Summit Junction, I saw that there was no road.

“The next thing we heard was gunshots. I was in a tricycle.

“Before I know what was happening, bullet hit me in the tricycle. I was shot in the stomach.”

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Residents of the community said the police returned at midnight and continued shooting.

A health worker, who spoke with SaharaReporters, said the police dropped two corpses at the entrance of the Federal Medical Centre.


“The police returned to the FMC Asaba, came into the ward and were asking where are the people that were shot.

“Nobody knew why they came looking for those that were being treated and they came at night fully armed.

“The hospital told them they had been discharged and transferred.

“After they left, we saw that they dropped two dead bodies at the entrance including the body of a vigilante member in the community,” the health worker said.

A health worker, who doesn’t want to be named, has been footing the medical bills of some victims.


Meanwhile, Lazarus is yet to be released, as he has no money to pay his medical bill.


A surgery was performed on Lazarus to remove bullet shell from his stomach as well as a kidney repair surgery.

Though he is recuperating, he is unable to leave the hospital due to non-availability of funds.