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India Narcotic Bureau Nabs Two Nigerians For Selling Illegal Drug-Making Substance

November 27, 2020

The substance is used in making psychotic drugs. The size of the 6kg pseudoephedrine confiscation is 2m rupee or (n10.31m).

Officials from the Narcotic Control Bureau in Bengaluru, India have arrested two Nigerians and two female Indian boxers for trying to sell a performance-enhancing substance called pseudoephedrine.

The substance is used in making psychotic drugs. The size of the 6kg pseudoephedrine confiscation is 2m rupee or (n10.31m).


According to an official of the bureau, the seizure was made on November 11.

“On credible inputs, the NCB on November 11 seized 6.870 kg of pseudoephedrine from two parcels at Amruthahalli, worth around Rs 20 lakh. The contraband was concealed in baby bags,” NCB’s Bengaluru Zonal Director, Amit Ghawate, said.

Another source in the bureau added, “The two boxers -- D Shukla and G Maria -- both 21, have been associated with the two Nigerians -- B Onovo and C Okwor – over alleged smuggling of pseudoephedrine for more than a year now. The four have been arrested under the NDPS Act,” the New India Express quoted NCB sources as saying.

Ghawate said the “parcels were meant for two consignees in South Africa.”

“On November 18, the NCB apprehended Shukla and Maria. We later arrested Onovo and Okwor, the mastermind behind the ring,” he said.

The NCB had, in recent times, busted drug trafficking syndicates dealing in ephedrine and pseudoephedrine. The bureau previously stated that both substances have a huge market in South East Asia and South Africa.

Both drugs are often rerouted for the illegal manufacture of various drugs and psychotropic substances by traffickers.

Pseudoephedrine is legally used to manufacture pharmacological products against flu and allergies under license from India’s Central Bureau of Narcotics.

However, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has placed the substance on its contraband list, as it claims the drug enhances performance.