Ignore the show of national disgrace and glorification of debasement on the entire events before and after  surrounding the kidnap and the whole shenanigans of negotiation and so-called rescue of the KANKARA school boys.

Apart from the degenerate celebration of a compromised and conquered state displaced by the Katsina state government and the presidency, the kidnap of over 333 students from one school, revealed the sorry state of our security architecture! That in a state where there is an existence of over 5,000 security personnel which includes DSS , Custom, Police , Army, Airforce, NCDC etc who on monthly basis collect salaries,  nobody was able to get any clue about the attack! That some ramshackle, ragtag boro-haram guys can just walk into a state where the president of the country was even present( The president is on sabbaticals in katsina  at the moment) and carry away that number of students dwarf all known logic! 

More painful is even that after the kidnap all the security apparatus were helpless until the Katsina state government consulted the service of experts on negotiation - the Miyatti Allah who swiftly launched his arsenals and got the boys released overnight! What a powerful Miyatti Allah! 

Every day as a people, we are treated by the clowns in government as if we are as daft as they are! In a not too distant history, we saw the havoc committed by members of the same Miyatti Allah members in the country particularly the massive sacking of villages. I see a grand design to present the Miyatti Allah as a saintly organization where the obvious fact is to the contrary! 

Again, how did the Katsina state government knew that the organization could help release the boys? To the blind, it’s now even lucid that our initial fears that Miyatti Allah has a link with boro-haram a terrorist organization is now validated! 

Karl Ogumah

More importantly, the entire shameful events that unfold in katsina revealed more in terms of the wack and terrible education those children are exposed to. From the video footages we see, none of the children could speak decent and simple English! Year in year out, the government of katsina state budget millions of naira to education. It’s now clear that the monies are either misapplied or embezzled outrightly! For if what we see is a standard, I am afraid it’s complete failure.  

Another more damning revelation from the kankara release yesterday is that the president of the country who incidentally is from katsina state and even currently in the state does not know or aware of the process that led to their release!  While the State government and other principal officers revealed that it was through the intervention of the Miyatti Allah organization in the negotiation that led to the release of the boys (even though we are not unaware that millions of naira must have changed hands) , the president was seen a video congratulating the wrong people. He said “  I congratulate the Army for organizing the operation and 'sackriment' of the abductors and getting the children…the military is well trained and motivated”.

The above revelations tells us more about how degenerate and pathetic the entire situation is currently! In a 21st century, we should not be tormented by these kind of abysmal leadership!

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