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How Police Invaded My House, Arrested My Wife's Cousin– Seun Kuti

December 21, 2020

Kuti said this in an interview with SaharaReporters in Lagos while reacting to the recent invasion of his home by the police.

Nigerian singer and civil rights activist, Seun Kuti, has said he and his newly launched group, Movement Of The People, will become the biggest opposition to Nigeria's corrupt politicians ahead of the general elections in 2023.

Kuti said this in an interview with SaharaReporters in Lagos while reacting to the recent invasion of his home by the police. 


He said the present crop of politicians leading the affairs of the country do not care about the protests embarked upon by the people.

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He suggested the best way to end bad governance was to take power from them and end their oppression and impunity.

"We are looking to become the biggest opposition to the government before 2023," Kuti said. "We want to take power from them. Power is the means to their wealth."

"I am not willing to protest against the government that has no love or respect for its people. I am focusing on how to use the awareness of the Movement Of The People. We have launched it in Kogi State.

"When we protest, it is obvious they will pay lip service. But, when we go after their power, this is where the real struggle is."

While speaking on the recent invasion of his residence, the son of the legendary activist, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, said the police were trying to intimidate him and stop his freedom of expression.

"They came twice the same day," he narrated. "I didn't know what they wanted. They didn't disclose the warrant of arrest to my supervisor they met at home. So, he didn't let them go inside. Whatever happened to me that day and henceforth from the government and the police was intimidation. They tried to stop my freedom of expression. I also used my Instagram to voice out.

"When my supervisor called me, I told him to tell them to wait for me. Before I came back, they had left. So, they came back again. Maybe, they wanted to get me unawares, but unfortunately for them, I had gone for rehearsals. You know the Yoruba say, "Ifura logun agba."

About his relative that was arrested, he said, "It was my wife's cousin, Muyiwa Akinyele. They arrested and released him the same day. You see, when someone threatened my life, they didn't see that. Nobody talked about it. 

"We have some serious announcements to make before the year runs out to let people know that MOTP is a serious movement. We are going to be the biggest opposition to the government."