A Nigerian man has taken to his Twitter account to narrate his horrible experience in the hands of Oyo State Security Network Agency, with the codename – Amotekun Corps, for wrongly detaining him and shooting at someone in his presence.

The man identified as highfee (@highfee_nonii) disclosed how he was terrified by members of the Amotekun Corps while heading out of his neighborhood to Airport Junction at Alakia in Oyo State.

While narrating his sad experience, he noted that the Amotekun Corps had begun doing ‘stop and search’ on roads in the state. He also said they were armed with guns.

He tweeted, “It was past 12 in the afternoon, I had just left my church and was heading out of the neighborhood to Airport Junction, Alakia, Oyo State. Then I saw these guys carrying guns and all sorts, running towards my direction. Then one of the guys beckoned to me to keep coming. Indecisive and just there, I moved (closer) and immediately noticed they were (members of) Amotekun Corps.

“Apparently, they had been chasing someone and the person was hiding in the bush, so they started throwing stones into the bush. I was still on my own, navigating the bad potholes, then boom the man ran out of the bush. He was wearing a white polo (T-shirt) and shorts. ‘Shoot him down’, ‘fire’ was all I heard, and boom they fired, missed the man but he was on the floor just ahead of me. I was in the car still driving.

“However, the man they were shooting at disclosed that he went to ease himself (urinate) in the bush but he was slapped by an Amotekun officer after saying that. Also, one of the officers, who saw from my body language that I wasn’t pleased with how they treated the man, ordered an officer in front to stop my car and threatened to blow my head off in the car. They left the man and they all came to where I was; they were all aggressive and angry human beings, masked, armed to the teeth, wearing all sorts, no uniforms.

“They said I should get down and open my boot, and I opened. Then they saw all my photography gadgets. I also explained (to them) that I was coming from church and I’m a photographer. They told me to up and started cursing (hailing abuse at) me, saying Ogun would kill my mom. They checked my boot and asked me to open all my luggage one by one.

“I was helpless; they shot at someone in my presence and I wasn’t having it. I just wanted to go home! Their boss said I was underrating them and that they weren’t the police that would take money from me. Honestly, I’m scared of these monsters we have unleashed.” See Also News Amotekun Officers Open Fire In Oyo, Two Killed, Scores Injured

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