A real estate officer in Magodo area, Lagos State has narrated the last moments he shared with Tunde Thomas, the late husband of Moyo Thomas, who was allegedly involved in office romance with the Managing Director of the First City Monument Bank, Adam Nuru.

The anonymous person, who wrote on Twitter using @Fada_Flo, stated that Thomas was indeed depressed and alone in his last days. 

No fewer than 2,311 persons have already signed a petition calling for the sacking of the FCMB Managing Director over his alleged affair with a former worker of the bank, Moyo Thomas.

The petition is also asking the Central Bank of Nigeria and the FCMB board to dismiss Nuru on ethical grounds. 

A cross-section of Nigerians have also condemned the FCMB Managing Director over the alleged affair, which reportedly made Thomas depressed and eventually led to his death.  

The estate company officer narrated that he had gone to inspect the house in which Thomas lived in Magodo and was surprised that he was alone at home and lying on the bed.

He said, “No one is as shocked at this #FCMB issue as I am. Tunde Thomas lived in one of the properties the company I work for manages in Magodo. I saw him two weeks prior to his death, he looked depressed then but he told me he had just woken up. I noticed that he was alone in the house.

“His children's bedroom looked like it hadn't been occupied in a while, I assumed that they were abroad with his wife, Moyosore. I went to inspect the property to know if it was in a good state and Mr. Tunde just laid on his bed throughout the inspection and told me to let him know when I was done.

“I later heard rumors he and his wife had issues and that he had even done introduction (an event that is organised for families of partners planning marriage to know each other) with a new woman, only for me to hear that he slumped and died two weeks later. Omo! This life ehn e no balance at all.”

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