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Nigerian Singer, Paul Okoye Narrates COVID-19 Harrowing Experience, Warns Nigerians

January 5, 2021

He revealed that he would do his final test again to know if he was free of the virus.

Nigerian popular singer, Paul Okoye, also known as Rude Boy, has narrated his experience fighting COVID-19 virus, while warning Nigerians that the virus is real.

Okoye took to his verified Instagram account to announce that he had contracted coronavirus and could not wait after 10 days to get re-tested.


He used the opportunity to sensitise his followers to the reality of COVID-19.

He said, “Attention. Covid is real. I know as a typical Nigerian or African, it is very hard to believe. Some will say 'experience is the best teacher’.

“Oh well, the experience and the teacher has visited me and they’ve been dealing with me for more than 10 days now. It is not funny, worst sickness ever!!! You all better be careful out there. If you like, believe me, if you like, don’t believe me.

“You can as well wait for your own experience by playing ignorance. Goodluck. God help us all." 

The singer also went on to share his harrowing experience battling the virus. He revealed that he would do his final test again to know if he was free of the virus.

"I cannot wait for tomorrow to do my final test, so if they declare me free of the virus, I will know that I am free. Guys, stay safe out there. If you see me and want to hug me and I push you, do not be angry, I am not 'forming celebrity'. Let's learn to greet from afar.

"There is nothing worse than this illness, I understand when you are ill and feeling pain. The usual pain is headache, high temperature, dizziness. But when it has to do with the inability to breathe; that experience I do not want to experience it again.

“That is the worst part of the illness. Also, you will have a bit of memory loss. Please be careful out there.”