A 36-year-old Nigerian, Oluwakemi Badare, has allegedly killed her four-year-old son, Kingswealth Bayode, in Plumstead, South East London, United Kingdom.

Met Police in a statement said the boy’s body was found at a flat at Invermore Place on Sunday morning.

Police were called at 07:49 GMT on 27 December to a report of the death of a child at a flat in Invermore Place

According to the BBC, Oluwakemi is facing a charge of killing her son.

Ms Badare did not appear in court but has been remanded into custody ahead of a plea hearing on March 17.

According to an unconfirmed online report, Oluwakemi in 2017 put the late Kingswealth in hot water and was sanctioned.

She was said to have spent a year in an unnamed psychiatric hospital in the UK.

“In 2017, she was sanctioned for putting him in hot water. Social services took her son and she was in a psychiatric hospital for a year and two months. No one saw this coming and she is now in prison for murder and the poor boy is dead,” the report read.

“Unfortunately, Oluwakemi will now have to live with the fact that she killed her own son. In her sane moments, she will never forget or forgive herself. Her husband and older son are far away in Nigeria.

“If only they had known that her mental health was that bad, things could have been different. King could have been protected from the one who loved him more than anyone but would turn out to be the one to take his life due to no fault of her own. Depression is real.”

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