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Nigerians Mock MURIC For Asking Buhari To Place Travel Ban On President Trump

January 12, 2021

Akintola berated Buhari for being silent on the Capitol riot, noting that the US government might have imposed sanctions on Nigeria if such had happened in the country.

Some Nigerians have lambasted an Islamic organisation, Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC), for asking President Muhammadu Buhari to impose a travel ban on US President, Donald Trump.

MURIC had in a statement on Monday by its director, Prof. Ishaq Akintola, asked the Nigerian president to sanction Trump’s key allies “for their ignoble roles in the US 2020 presidential elections, particularly the storming of the Capitol”.


Akintola berated Buhari for being silent on the Capitol riot, noting that the US government might have imposed sanctions on Nigeria if such had happened in the country.

MURIC’s statement read, “We strongly denounce the role played by President Donald Trump in the last US general elections. Trump’s refusal to acknowledge defeat shows acute desertification of the spirit of sportsmanship.

“His insistence on electoral fraud despite several court declarations to the contrary is a manifestation of selfishness, overambition, and inordinate lust for power. Above all, his incitement which led to the storming of the Capitol is despicable, repulsive and preposterous. Trump has stained America’s reputation as a great democracy.

“MURIC calls on the Federal Government (Nigerian government) to speak up on the American debacle. America’s condemnation of African and other third world countries has been deafening enough to attract a tornado of backlashes at this moment.

“We are not happy that FG has remained silent. China, Turkey, and Iran have spoken up. The voice of Africa must also be heard and the continent is looking unto Nigeria to lead the way.

“We call on FG to place a travel ban on outgoing President Donald Trump and his key allies. It is hoped that other African countries will key into the idea. It just has to be on record that once upon a time, America produced a tyrant, a bully, and an insurrectionist.”

Reacting, Nigerians on social media berated the group, asking it to call on the International Criminal Court to arrest President Buhari and leave Trump alone, saying the US president would never visit Nigeria.

“MURIC should be calling for the ICC arrest of Buhari and not the misplaced call for Travel ban on Trump who will never visit Nigeria, not even in his dream,” a Twitter user, whose handle is @OkenwaChukwuma, said.

Another Twitter user, whose handle is @Ozac6 wrote, said, “Dear US government, please in case you want to deal with MURIC, know that MURIC is represented by only one man called Akintola. He has been known as a fundamental Islamist in Nigeria. He has propensity for terrorism. Thank you.”

@DanielRegha also wrote on Twitter, “It's obvious our government officials are just doing the most, Buhari asking to place a ban on Trump is nothing but a misguided act because I bet if Trump won, the same Buhari and his government would go solicit funds after congratulating him. What has Trump done that our government hasn't done?”

“MURIC is asking FG to place a ban on Donald Trump. And why would he even come to Nigeria of all places on earth?” @KADFX7764 asked.

@PatrickIcedhot wrote, “Seriously our mumuness (silliness) is waxing stronger every giving day. Una think say na Charles Taylor them dey talk here (Do you think it is Charles Taylor – former Liberian leader- we are talking about here)? It’s Donald Trump, a man who doesn't give a damn about our country!”

@LadyChi001 also wrote on Twitter, “MURIC, thanks for the advice. Since the creation of America, how many American presidents have visited Nigeria?”a

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