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Young Lady Brutalised By Police Father Bemoans Denial Of Justice

January 19, 2021

He hates it when he sees us with my mum. He has even gone to the church to fight the pastor and accuse him of preparing charms for my mum.

A young lady, Eniola Edema, has bemoaned the brutality she suffered at the hands of her father who is a senior police officer. 

Eniola alleged she, her mother and siblings were constantly maltreated by her father, an Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), Oriimisan Edema.


Speaking on the recent assault she allegedly suffered, she noted, "It happened on December 22, 2020. I just went out and got back some minutes past 7pm, only for my father to ask where I was coming from and before I could utter a word, he accused me of being involved in prostitution. He said he could not allow a prostitute sleep in his house; he threw an iron rod at me which severely cut my forehead and made me lose a lot of blood.

"I hurriedly left his compound but he came out, dragged me like a dog, tore my trousers and the shirt I was wearing, making me go completely naked. He said my mother taught me prostitution and that she was a witch. He said he would deliver me from withcraft."

Eniola alleged that her father also assaults her mother and hurls abuse and threats at her. 

"He hates it when he sees us with my mum. He said our mother wants to bewitch us. He has locked us out of his house several times when we went to church and it would take like forever before he would allow us in. He has even gone to the church to fight the pastor and accuse him of preparing charms for my mum," she said. 

She claimed her father had been making their lives miserable for a very long time.

Eniola said the family had to report him to police authorities to make him provide for the family when he started starving them.

"He starved us for years. We had to eat from hand to mouth. My mother had to collect (food) from people before we could feed; life was hard. My father made life a living hell for us. It was when we reported him at his place of work that he started doing the very little he is doing which is close to nothing," she added. 

Eniola also told SaharaReporters that her father also brings women to their house, not minding the innocence of her younger siblings.

She lamented that the case was not being given adequate attention by the police because her father is a police officer.

"They are trying to sweep the case under the carpet because my dad is a senior police officer. When we went to report at his office, they told me I should be glad my father still allows my mum into the house.

"They said since he is a man, he can cheat. 

"They said so many things and I told my mum I didn't want to have anything to do with the issue again. I have left the house already and my mum has left too but she is in a very terrible place," she said.