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Police Officers, Kinsman Putting Pressure On Me To Withdraw Case Against My Husband Who Defiled Our 7-year-old Child

January 21, 2021

She alleged that the pressure has been coming with threats.

A woman, who had spoken out against the defilement of her seven-year-old daughter, says the police are putting pressure on her to withdraw the case against her husband who allegedly sexually assaulted her child. 

The mother, Rose Solomon, had alleged that her husband, Samuel Solomon, defiled their daughter a number of times and wiped the young girl's private parts with a white handkerchief each time he was done with the act.


She told SaharaReporters that the sexual abuse had gone on for two years before she knew about it. 

The case was handed over to the Family Support Unit (FSU) of the Area F Police Command in Ikeja, Lagos, where Samuel is currently detained.

However, Rose has now complained that pressure is being put on her by police officers and family members to withdraw the case against her husband. 

She alleged that the pressure has been coming with threats.

She alleged that the Officer Commanding, FSU, Area F Command and Investigating Police Officer, Helen Henley, are pressurising her to withdraw the case against her husband. 

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She also said a chief from Benue, their home state, who represents Benue indigenes residing in Lagos State also gave her 24 hours to withdraw the case or face banishment from their community. 

She said, "At the police station, they took me to one old man's office, the man said I should consider him as my father and withdraw the case against my husband. He said he was very sure I wouldn't want it to be in history that I sent my child's father to jail.

"He said I should make the case die like that. I don't know if he (my husband) had bribed them. Even, a Benue chief in Lagos here told me they would strip me of all my benefits as a Benue indigene if I ddi not withdraw the case."

She had earlier narrated how her daughter had a serious vaginal discharge with an offensive smell, a result of the molestation.

Rose said, "I have been with him for nine years now, but he paid my dowry seven years ago. I suspected there was something wrong, but I was so blinded by love. I loved him so much. 

"I noticed that he always brought a white handkerchief home from work, but I didn't pay much attention to that.

"One day in church, I was told that the white handkerchief my husband brought home from work was not ordinary and that he was using my daughter and me for ritual purposes. That was when I started monitoring him."

Rose said she later discovered that her husband was a member of a cult. 

She said she had to move out of the house for the sake of the young girl who was being molested. 

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