A teenager in the Badore/Ajah area of Lagos State has shared lurid details of how she was allegedly raped by one Emmanuel Okon who also invited his seven friends to have carnal knowledge of her. 

According to her, she simply went to fetch water when Okon lured her into the house where he works as a gatekeeper. And then he allegedly defiled her.


Speaking with SaharaReporters, the victim said, "I was going to fetch water when he (Okon) beckoned to me to come closer and I obliged, he said I should enter the house and I did. He said he would buy me a phone and other gifts.

"Later, he pushed me inside, covered my mouth and forced himself on me. When he was done, he called seven of his friends to come and do the same thing to me. 

"I didn't tell my aunt because I was scared and I wouldn't want her to punish me." 

The aunt of the victim, Adaora Osondu, said the police, however, quashed their attempts to get justice, claiming that they "have no case."

She said the police also debunked claims that Okon and seven other men slept with the girl.

She said: "Imagine what the police told me. They said it's a lie that seven other men joined Okon, that my niece cannot handle eight men. What is that supposed to mean?"

She revealed that she had withdrawn the case because of pressures from the police who told her she had no case. 

She said, "I reported at the Langbasa Police Station, and the chief suspect, Okon, was arrested but he kept on begging. The police said we had no case at all. Even the doctor said we had no case because we didn't come on time. 

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"It happened two weeks ago and this girl didn't tell me about the incident till last Friday when a neighbour called my attention to it that I should watch this girl because she wanders too much. Within these two weeks, the same man tried to molest my young daughter, then, I got to know about what he had done.

"The man claimed that he was dating her and I didn't know about it but the police told him since she's a minor, he should date someone who is 18 years and above. They asked him if he did it, he said yes but that he didn't call other men to join him. They asked him again that if she got pregnant, would he marry her. He said yes, that he was looking for that kind of girl. 

"Can you imagine that kind of nonsense? This man cannot even feed himself. He had nothing; (there was) no one to even bail him. He was crying at the police station so I was provoked to ask them to release him because the police were calling me every time. I couldn't bear the stress because I am self-employed and it was really affecting my business. Sometimes, I would be at the police station from morning till night. He is moving freely now but I'm sure they must have sacked him, I have not seen him in the house."

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