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Nnamdi Kanu, Aisha Yesufu’s Followers Clash Over Duo’s Altercations

February 2, 2021

The disagreement between the duo started on Sunday after Kanu posted a video showing the destruction of houses and killing of cattle said to belong to Fulani herdsmen by the Eastern Security Network members

Nigerians took to Twitter to express their views on the exchange of words between the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu and a co-covener of the #BringbackOurGirls, Aisha Yesufu.

The disagreement between the duo started on Sunday after Kanu posted a video showing the destruction of houses and killing of cattle said to belong to Fulani herdsmen by the Eastern Security Network members in Isiukwuato area of Abia State.


Kanu added to the footage, “Video of men at work last night across all the towns and villages of the old Bende Division, especially Isiukwuato. ESN has commenced the combing of parts of Isiukwuato forests last night and engagement with the enemy is ongoing and will continue until they no longer present a threat to our communities along that axis…”

Yesufu condemned the act immediately, describing it as unacceptable. 

She wrote on Twitter, “This is absolutely not acceptable. We cannot have security outfits taking laws into their hands & maiming, killing & destroying properties. This is not acceptable. We must always remember no one has a monopoly of violence and intolerance and we can all be mad. Let the law guide us!”

And, Kanu responded by warning her to steer clear of the IPOB and ESN activities, in the process, describing her as a talkative lunatic.

“Where were you when our people were being slaughtered, raped and kidnapped in Isiukwuato? Talkative lunatics like Aisha Yusuf,” Kanu said in a statement released on Monday.

However, in the lastest reaction, the human rights activist on her Twitter page described the comment made by the IPOB leader as childish, saying she would not be affected by them. 

She also described him as a ‘Made-in-China Shekau.’

“Tell the Made in China Shekau that I am not one of those #VictimMentality people that are swayed by his premature beard and stooped posture that he has taken on that have them kissing his feet with his infantile outbursts and decision making that have had him out in the cold,” Yesufu tweeted.

Interestingly, the battle has been hijacked by their followers on Twitter with swift reactions to support or oppose the duo’s actions.

For instance, @OgagaLD, who opposed Kanu, posted, “The attitude of some of the Igbos on this app just shows if there is a Biafra tomorrow, it will not be open to free speech and Nnamdi Kanu if he becomes president will be emboldened to rule like (Yoweri) Museveni, the Chinese and even North Korean. Be cautious.”

Meanwhile, David @Davidca24776168, in a reaction that criticised Yesufu, said, “Hmmm, madam, I will advise you continue to face your Buhari jejeli, IPOB issue is greater than you and not the usual Twitter bragging. I really do follow you & love your courage but please leave Nnamdi alone, he has been speaking & fighting when we haven't heard of you at all. Please!”

He went further in support of Kanu that, “Among all these our era revolutionaries, I can tell you that MNK is the bravest, the one with the loudest voice...He's fighting for a nation, a region, an entity, not a political party. Before his asylum in Israel, he had faced Nigerian government countless times with an open demand.”

Another Twitter user opposing Yesufu said, “Since wey FULANI dey rape women, kidnap, kill farmers in their farm, destroy farmers crops, she never talk, but as @AishaYesufu hear say ESN kill cow her belle start to pepper her, una see una activist wey value cow pass human life.”

“It’s time Mr. Yesuf will tell Mrs Yesuf to go inside. She is now going out of line. My brother, caution your wife as a man. The page she is now is bigger than her. She knows nothing about Biafra and I don't think she had visited Biafra before. Please come in and caution her,” Obichukwu @)Obichuk62937021.

In response to Obichukwu’s tweet, SwtAngel @NkyEzenwa tweeted, “Why does she have to go inside? Isn’t she a human born of a woman like you were born of a woman? Isn’t she created by the same God who created you? What makes her a lesser person to express her thoughts on issues? Make your point without childish words!”