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Apostle Suleman Is A Manipulator, The Audio I Released Is Genuine — Pastor Hits Back

February 7, 2021

Davids had accused Suleman of sleeping with his wife, Faith Edeko, who currently heads an Abuja branch of the church.

A former pastor of the Omega Fire Ministries, Mike Davids, who alleged that the General Overseer of the church, Apostle Johnson Suleman slept with his wife, has described the latter as a manipulator and liar.

Davids had accused Suleman of sleeping with his wife, Faith Edeko, who currently heads an Abuja branch of the church.


Earlier on Saturday, Davids released an audio file claiming it was his conversation with Suleman. In the audio file, Suleman was heard saying he would make someone disappear. 

But reacting to the development in a video, Suleman admitted that it was his voice in the audio clip. 

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Suleman, however, said the audio clip was from a conversation he had with a lady who he was telling to stop calling him three years ago, and not from a phone conversation with Davids. 
He claimed he relieved Davids of his duties as a pastor in Omega Fire Ministries because he has a 'black heart', while also accusing him of always planning evil against other pastors.

But reacting in a video posted on his Instagram handle, Davids said the audio he released was the real audio while Suleman's was the doctored one. 

He said, "My name is Mike Davids, my attention has been drawn to a video made by Apostle Johnson Suleman 24 hours after my audio was released and that video that he made addresses two major things principally which I will respond to now: the first one is that he claims I was never the one he was addressing in that audio, that the conversation was made three years ago and secondly, he claims he sent me out of Omega Fire Miistries for blackmailing other pastors. 

"First of all, the audio I released is the original audio and Apostle Suleman knows that the audio I released is the real one, the one he released is doctored, fake and manipulated. Don't forget that I was part of that system for 16 years and all of these manipulations are part of the system.

"All the videos you are releasing is a lie from the pit of hell, that it was some persons you were addressing and all."

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Davids countered the claims of the general overseer, stating that he was not sent out of the church but left on his own. 

He claimed there was no way his presence in the church guaranteed him of going to heaven. 

He said, "You said you sent me out of Omega Fire Ministries for blackmailing pastors, I was never in that habit. I want Nigerians to know that it is a lie. I left that ministry because I became convinced that weakness should never be seen as wickedness and it became very obvious to me that my eternal destiny was not in view following that kind of leader that I was following and that if I continued in the ministry, I knew where I was going to end.

"I left of my own will, you were never the one that sent me out of that ministry, I was tired of your ungodliness as a leader and that is one of the major reasons I left. Forget the manipulations and cheap lies you are trying to buy Nigerians with, they already know the truth of the issue."