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How Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital Is Hiding Employee With N6.6million Fraud Case— Businessman

February 9, 2021

Fyncountry also alleged attempts by officers at Force Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department, FCIID, Alagbon in Lagos State to shield the suspects.

A businessman, Tonye Fyncountry, has accused the Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital in Yaba of covering up a fraud allegedly committed by one of its employees, Oluwafunmilayo Ademiluyi.

According to him, Oluwafunmilayo had stood as the guarantor of Gbogboade Ademiluyi, her husband and the Managing Director and CEO of A GoodKing Sons Global Limited, who requested for a supply of 33, 000 litres of Automotive Gas Oil (AGO) worth N6.6 million for a period of three weeks on credit after which payment would be made.


He said at the time, his company, D.C Oil and Gas, had no capital to fund the project but was encouraged by Ademiluyi to obtain a loan and make the supply with promises of making payments.

Fyncountry, however, said for months now, he has been unable to get the Ademiluyis to pay, after they claimed that the diesel supplied was stolen.

He said Oluwafunmilayo, a guarantor of her husband, has been evading arrest by policemen from Onikan Zone 2 where he (Fyncountry) had gone to make a formal complaint about the case.

He said, "Whenever the police officers from Onikan Zone 2 visit the hospital to effect the arrest of Oluwafunmilayo, other staff members always claim she is not on seat. I have an inside source that tells me she has been reporting to work since December 2020.

"The woman works with the Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital in Yaba. I have taken a copy of her ID card to the medical director of the hospital and the MD confirmed it. We’ve sent invitations from Zone 2 police station to her office more than 10 times, she refused to show up but she is reporting to the office.

"She was on leave in October but resumed in November 2020. Maybe someone hinted to her that they’ve been looking for her at the police station, she claimed she needed sick leave and that was the period someone at the hospital died, maybe from COVID-19, so she was given sick leave for three weeks, but resumed in December.

"When she resumed, the medical director told her that letters had been coming from Onikan and that they had been screenshotting them and sending to her but all she said was that Alagbon had settled it. They all believe Alagbon had taken care of it but no, this family has refused to pay me my money.

"She resumes to the office every day, they call her Olori. She’s a matron so they hide her. My truck has been seized by the bank where I obtained the loan from. My driver went there to start the truck but it has developed a fault. The truck alone is N17 million, the interest on it is going up. I have used the truck as collateral. They seized it instead of locking my wife up. This thing has caused me sleepless nights, it has become a problem for me.

"This woman has a support system at that Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital. The police entered her section, DJ 1, and the employees claimed the woman was not there, which was a lie. I have been going to the place for months."

Fyncountry also alleged attempts by officers at Force Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department, FCIID, Alagbon in Lagos State to shield the suspects.

According to him, over 30 notifications have been sent from the FCIID to the Zone 2 police station for a transfer of the case file.

"We now have a court order; the order is from the chief judge of the high court that the medical director should release the woman, and that she had partaken in a fraud with her husband," he said.

Fyncountry said the family deceived him with the story that the diesel was for operations at a quarry owned by the family at Epe and the primary customers were Chinese engineers.

He said the Ademiluyis also said the Ooni of Ife was the owner of the quarry, assuring him of getting paid within two weeks.

He said, "But rather than take us to the quarry, they took us to a place, Cross Country, in Ibeju Lekki. We asked them ‘where is this place?’ They said they didn't have a service tank that could contain 33, 000 litres of diesel and that they rented that one.

"My manager told me that there was a man that came there in the morning to ask for the waybill so he could make payment immediately. He brought out a cheque and wrote N7.5 million on that cheque. He asked them which name he should put on the cheque and they said A GoodKing Sons. That means they sold the fuel at a profit and lied to me.

"My manager told me what happened. I took a picture of the cheque. I didn't know something like this would happen but I just took it. The cheque was a closed cheque but it was not dated. We went to the Cross Country place with the police but the tank was empty."

According to him, Oluwafunmilayo and her husband alleged that the management of Cross Country stole all the fuel in the tank.

He said he was convinced to do business with A GoodKing Sons company when the MD, Gbogboade, told him that the Ooni of Ife owned the quarry and that projects awarded to the Chinese engineers by the Ooni would consume a lot of diesel.

Fyncountry said he was overjoyed and willing to do the business but currently regretting his decision.

He said he had also visited the branch of Access Bank that issued the reference to Ademiluyi to challenge the officers that signed the letter.

"I have gone to Access Bank to challenge them, I asked how they could possibly issue a reference letter to people they didn't know. Those who signed the letter, I approached them and asked them why they haven't apprehended Ademiluyi because this offence attracts punishment but they were just giving me excuses," he said.

He called on the Federal Ministry of Health to stop Oluwafunmilayo Ademiluyi from going to her workplace as she has a case to answer.