Residents of Igbokuta community, Ikorodu have alleged assaults by thugs allegedly brought into the community by landgrabbers and operatives of the Intelligence Response Squad in their community.

They also accused the officers, whose services were allegedly sought by the landgrabbers, of shooting indiscriminately at villagers, hitting them with vehicles while destroying valuables in the process.

SaharaReporters earlier reported how the residents lamented invasion by thugs who had continually unleashed terror on the people by breaking glass windows and doors of the houses.

On Tuesday, a tiler who had gone to the community to execute a project, said he sustained injuries on his face after his encounter with the thugs.

According to him, he had only gone to work in the community but was accosted by the thugs who beat him to a pulp. 

He said his phone, wallet, money and every other valuable thing on him were stolen by the thugs.

He said, “I got injured when I went to work at Igbokuta, Ikorodu. I am a tiler. I saw some thugs and they started harassing me but I didn't fight back. They manhandled me, started beating me up to a point that blood started dripping from this side of my face. I learnt that they are men of Sir Kay Oluwo backed by the IRT police. I didn't do anything to them. They collected my phone, wallet, money and everything I could use to treat myself.”

Another resident who was shot at last week, Shakirudeen Ajala, said residents of the community had fled while the rest were continually suffering from the mayhem caused by the thugs. 

He said the problem had been going on since last Thursday.


He, however, called on the state government to immediately intervene.

“Last Thursday, Kamarudeen Lamina, aka Sir Kay; Akinrinle Micheal, aka Amat and Layiwola Jimoh Nosiru brought IRT police officers to take possession of our land. They pursued me with guns and were shooting seriously. Amat was sitting in the car pointing at me that I should be killed so they kept targeting their shots at me, they kept on shooting till I escaped. 

“Since that day, we have not been able to sleep in our houses, we move from one place to another. Their thugs are everywhere, causing harm on the site. They beat people, steal from them, snatch bags, and vandalise people's homes. There is no peace. 

“I'm holding one of the bullets shot at me. Please have mercy on us, Ayo Block Bus Stop, deliver us from Sir Kay Oluwo. Government, please deliver us.”

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