The police in Anjuna, a village in South-West of India, have said a Nigerian citizen who died on Saturday in the country was a victim of drug overdose.

Michael Nzube, 33, was hospitalised at St. Anthony Hospital and Research Centre, Anjuna, on Thursday after he suffered what seemed like a meltdown in a taxi.

Indian Police

According to, the police stated this on Thursday morning, adding that a taxi driver at Arpora stopped his vehicle by Bollywood Nights Restaurant, saying his passenger, Nzube, had suddenly become violent.

The workers at the restaurant also called the police when they could not restrain the Nigerian. On seeing the police arriving, Nzube was said to have become more violent and allegedly started assaulting the owner of restaurant and one of the staff members. 

He was also said to have damaged the taxi.

The police with the help of staff of the restaurant managed to subdue him and take him to the hospital. 

The owner of the restaurant also later lodged a complaint against Nzube for assault.

The police stated that "they later received a letter from the hospital, saying Nzube had died of suspected drug overdose. 

"Nzube was once arrested by Calangute police in 2019 for illegal possession of drugs and was recently released from judicial custody." 

The police stated that investigation would continue into the matter. 

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