A video has attested to the fact that Ogun residents escaped from their killer Fulani-terrorised communities to the neighbouring Republic of Benin.

In the video released by a traditional ruler in one of the Yewa villages of Ogun State, scores of people were being questioned by officials of the Republic of Benin. 

A man answered in English after a translator asked him about the reasons for their exodus to their territory.

The man replied that they were forced to migrate following incessant attacks by murderous Fulani herders killing people indiscriminately.

This video has proved wrong the statement credited to the Ogun State Government that no Nigerian from the troubled villages left for Benin Republic. 

"We left because of the crisis in our country, that’s why we are here," the man said in the video.

"We are forced to migrate from this place. By force, it's not by willingness. Both the women and men migrated.

"They have killed many people, and many people have lost their lives. People are still migrating. It is because of the Fulani crisis.

"The Fulani are killing the people anyhow. They will migrate from one village to another.

"They just kill people. That's why people are scared. They moved down to this place." 

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