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“Use Fire To Consume Corrupt Politicians, Boko Haram, Others" —Funny Reactions Trail Bishop Oyedepo's Comment On Kwara Hijab Crisis

The clergyman said the crisis had lingered because the church did not show the opposing side in the controversy “the other side of God” and the “consuming fire of God.”

Mixed reactions have continued to trail the comment made by Bishop David Oyedepo, the Presiding Bishop of the Living Faith Church worldwide, over the hijab crisis rocking schools in Kwara State.

Kwara has been in the news recently amid a face-off between Christians and Muslims over the use of hijab in some grant-aided missionary schools in the state.


Reacting to the development on Wednesday, Oyedepo warned Muslims to steer clear of missionary schools to prevent a breakdown of law and order in the state.

The clergyman said the crisis had lingered because the church did not show the opposing side in the controversy “the other side of God” and the “consuming fire of God.”
He had said: “It is such a nasty development in Kwara State where Muslims are asking their students in our schools to wear hijab, and the church said 'no'. You know the reason why we have never shown the world the other side of God. God is not a toy; let us show them the consuming fire part of God. They need to know.

”Leave the schools for the owner, go to your schools. Is there any fight? Stop putting fingers in the eyes of others, the world should be warned against the church. The church is a time bomb.
”When God turns his back on anyone or any system, that system is cursed. My advice is; leave the schools for the owners, find your schools. Men and women can wear hijab there. Stop putting your fingers in the eyes of others when they are not blind.”

His comment has ignited reactions on Twitter with many calling on the cleric to use similar energy to tackle corrupt politicians in the country.[story_link align="left"]91987[/story_link]

A Twitter user identified as Umar Farouk wrote: "Use the same fire to consume our corrupt politicians & those who have kept innocent Nigerians in misery. All you guys do is make money off religious fears which have been implanted in the minds of the vulnerable."

Eze David also wrote: "The spirit of God has for long left the majority of Nigerian pastors for being complicit in the constant murder of innocent citizens across the board, in Nigeria. They are silent because they benefit from the evil government of the day indirectly. The cry of the blood of innocents has reached heaven. And that's why God is gradually destroying Nigeria. Nothing can save Nigeria any longer because it's undergoing natural disintegration & Almighty is the catalyst in this case."

In the same vein, Emmanuel Opara wrote: "Dear Sir, if you know you are a true man of God, pray that fire should come down and consume every man and woman who has held Nigeria captive, then will Nigeria be at peace."

Rainbaro Victor also wrote: "I don’t see any wisdom in this...Why can’t you call fire to destroy all those ones troubling Nigeria so the country can have peace it deserves?"

Joining the fray, Ataneh Bello wrote: "Which fire...You that bought 3 private jets without considering hungry members in your church... Did fire get you? The pope of Vatican City in Rome till today doesn't have a private jet and flies commercial planes to wherever he wants to go...Most people in your church can't even afford the school fees of the school you used their offerings, sweat and tithes to build...Just pray for things to get better and forget the fire."

Fagbohun Didas also wrote: "You cannot show all our evil politicians God fire, its hijab you want to call fire on? But wait...I thought you're both calling on the same God? Lol, these religious people can be funny."

Pemisire Akinbambo also wrote: "The fire you can't call upon those bringing Nigeria backward,... The fire you can't call on those bringing Nigerians to one meal per day....poorer and poorer every don't care if your congregation eat or not much as tithe has been paid...wisdom is by age."

Abdulfatai Sobi wrote: "Look at this man when you have power like that, why can't you use it for Boko Haram, bandits, kidnappers, etc. You just play yourself, please go and sleep, we are not your sheep."

Kogite Solar wrote: "Our sister Sharibu Leah has been in captivity for years, unleash the fire on Boko Haram to release her. Those who attempted to wear hijab do not intend to wage war on Christianity, is a mere identity.

"Release that fire on all corrupt Nigerians, including those that fly private jets at expense of Nigerians. Respected Christians are already working on resolving hijab issues, park well."

Daud Shittu also wrote: "Please Oyedepo if you are a Man of God, please help our government to finish Boko Haram."