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How Power-Drunk CCT Chairman, Umar Slapped Me Several Times, Tore My Uniform – Abuja Security Guard

Sargwak, who had a bruised lip, said Umar further picked an iron rod from his car and attempted to hit him

A security guard at the Banex Plaza in Abuja, identified only as Sargwak, who was assaulted by the Chairman of the Code of Conduct Tribunal, Justice Danladi Umar, has narrated how the power-drunk justice slapped him several times and tore his uniform for asking him to park appropriately. 

Sargwak, who had a bruised lip, said Umar further picked an iron rod from his car and attempted to hit him (Sargwak) in the head before other security men came to his rescue.


Speaking in pidgin English with Premium Times, he said, “I work as a security man stationed at the car park section at the old Banex Plaza. I was on duty when a man (Mr Umar) arrived in his car at the plaza and I noticed he parked his vehicle wrongly.

“Then I approached him to inform him about his wrong parking, because he had parked by the roadside obstructing other visitors arriving at the plaza.

“After I informed him about his wrong parking, he came out and slapped me. When he slapped me, the driver also came down and slapped me and they tore my uniform and they stepped over me several times.

“It was the ‘Oga’ by himself (Mr Umar) that went to his car to pick up an iron rod in an attempt to hit me on my head. A tenant at the plaza quickly held his hand and pleaded with him on my behalf not to hit me with the metal.

“I later ran to meet my supervisor to come to my aid. I was unable to find my supervisor. But I later got my head guard to report my situation. On getting there, my head guard called the Banex police. I was slapped and kicked again by Mr Umar, policeman.”

Mr Sargwak said Mr Umar called the policemen and State Security Service operatives attached to him as security details from home and waited for them to arrive.

He said on the arrival of the security details, a policeman among them also slapped him “on the order of Mr Umar.”

“When the police from Banex arrived at the scene, they tried calming the situation after speaking with him without success. The Oga called the police and SSS stationed at his residence and ordered the driver to go pick the security officers while he waited for them.

“When the man arrived with the security men, the Oga slapped me again in front of the police and ordered a police officer to also slap me which he did and thereafter ordered me to kneel down and I obeyed. As I went on my knees, the Oga also kicked me in my face and hit my mouth. I fell and my head guard then took me to my MD’s office. That was when the Maitama Police Division came and took us to their station.”

Two witnesses, who declined to give their names for fear of possible victimisation, told Premium Times that Justice Umar assaulted Sargwak in defiance of pleas from people around.

He said after spending some time at the Maitama police division, the Banex plaza’s lawyer arrived to free him.

“When we got there with the man (Mr Umar) he was at the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) office but he later left. I was later approached by the police to call my manager from the plaza so we can be released. My manager came along with the Banex plaza’s lawyer and I was later bailed from the Maitama Police Station.

“As we returned to the Banex Plaza in the evening at about 7pm, I saw him (Umar) with my two eyes open. They came to arrest a man, Peter Onyiuke, who had helped him pick up his phone and immediately returned; because his phone had dropped on the floor when he was beating me.

“He arrived with two Hilux vehicles filled with operatives of the SSS. He dropped them and left. SSS operatives fired some shots in the air and they took him away.”

Nigerians have been calling for the sacking, arrest and trial of the CCT chairman due to his embarrassing show of shame as captured on a video by an eyewitness, saying he is not fit to hold a public office.