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#FreeKogi2: Yahaya Bello Fails To Learn From Saraki! By Femi Adeyeye

April 8, 2021

The whole situation is so similar to how the end of the reign of the feeble Bukola Saraki dynasty started in Ilorin, Kwara State.

Permit me to share a few things with you which I believe you ought to learn from the experience of former Senate President, Bukola Saraki, before his fall from grace.

Everyone following the situation of tyranny unleashed on dissenting Nigerians and in this particular case, the #Kogi2 whom your regime and that of Muhammadu Buhari have continued to subject to illegal and inhumane treatment, will understand that recent history is just repeating itself. That’s why some of us are not too bothered. We understand that it is a “necessary” phase before the walls of oppression finally collapse. An army of fighters is about to be raised in that somewhat docile state wherein you and your cronies think you have the heads of the people in your armpits. 


The whole situation is so similar to how the end of the reign of the feeble Bukola Saraki dynasty started in Ilorin, Kwara State. For those who remember, Comrades mobilised from several parts of the country to join other activists in Ilorin to show solidaritywith Sahara Reporters in a “libel” suit filed against the media outfit by Saraki. It was a fight for free press. 

No sooner had we arrived than the beating and harassment by thugs started; led by one of the Special Assistants to Saraki.

People were beaten mercilessly, stripped by thugs and then handed over to the police who were ready to do their bidding. Comrade Buhari Olanrewaju Ahmed was abducted before a court date and threatened with a gun put to his head to say Omoyele Sowore had sent him down to plant a bomb in the court. 

But here was the twist.

Right there in Ilorin on that particular day, the rebellion against the grip on the commonwealth by Saraki’s corrupt hands started. Passers-by who got wind of the reason for the attack on us started throwing stones at the thugs who were beating us. Several rights groups got rejuvenated. It was as if they were waiting for a foreign vaccine in order to come back to life and that was all they needed to challenge the power-drunk Saraki. One protest after the other, and the rest is history today.

I will stop here for now. So, you and your deputy, Edward Onoja should ask Saraki for more details. The baby tyrant who is the Commissioner for Information should also ask Saraki’s media aide, Bamikole Omisore, who is running from pillar to post today, what happened at the time. The days of tyranny are always few. The people will always rise and win. 

For now, I join thousands of conscientious Nigerians to call for the immediate and unconditional release of Emmanuel Larry and Anene Victor, who are only protesters against the ruining class. 



Femi Adeyeye