Mixed reactions have continued to trail President Muhammadu Buhari's return to the country from London, UK where he had gone for a medical check-up.

Buhari had departed the country for London on March 30 to seek medical attention, a development which sparked heated outrage.

It also triggered the Buhari-must-go protest at the Abuja House, where he stayed in London. 

The protests continued for days and was stopped barely two days ago.

Two weeks after he left the shores of Nigeria, however, he returned to the country – on Thursday. 

In a terse statement on its Twitter page, the presidency wrote: “President @MBuhari is back in Abuja, after a private trip to the United Kingdom.”

But his return has continued to generate reactions with many Nigerians airing their views over the matter.

Many Nigerians on social media claimed that Buhari's return to the country would not change anything for good. 

For instance, Reno Omokri (@renoomokri), an aide to former President Goodluck Jonathan, tweeted: "Dear General @MBuhari, Nigeria needs a Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, not a Traveler-in-Chief of Medical Tourism. Stay in Nigeria. Build hospitals. Because if you return to London, God sparing my life, I will also return to torment you!

"Regards #HarassBuhariOutofLondon Dear General @MBuhari, Welcome back to Nigeria. I am sure after the surprise package we arranged for you in London, you will think twice before returning. Now you know what my people and I are capable of, please focus on building hospitals for yourself and the masses."

In the same vein, Omoyele Sowore (@YeleSowore), human rights activist, wrote: "Return of the #Expired Mannequin of Aso Rock! #Buharimustgo.”
Similarly, @Oluomoofderby wrote "We don’t need to protest in London anymore. Buhari is back in Nigeria...He was embarrassed out of London. If the MP’s in the UK earned N29 million a month like the senators in Nigeria, we won’t have any world-class hospitals in the UK. Next time, use the hospital in Nigeria @MBuhari."

@Falcao38410124 also wrote: "Shameless man, disgusting and useless in power, only want to be called Mr president, not that he has any knowledge to govern."

In the same vein, @chyydz1 wrote: "Hahaha. This one sweet me...Thank you sir @renoomokri. Who knows if he had planned to stay 3 months in the UK."

@Augusti931559915 wrote: "If he was coming to something better. Nothing special about his arrival."

@boladam4real wrote: "What's 'Breaking' in this now? Would his arrival now revive the plummeted economy or the inflation rate going in the ascendency?... Let's just pretend we have a president."

@Dominic85887766 also wrote: "Then what will become the fate of ours (sic) that can't travel for medical check-up, should we as a country be celebrating another man's victory or ours."

@cconyia wrote: "Welcome back sir. But the trip was not private. It was done with the presidential jet and taxpayers' money."

@ap_och wrote: "Thanks to Nigerians for chasing the impostor back."

@lawehilegbu wrote "Who cares? What positive impact would that make now? He's being around Nigeria worsens the Security situation. Looks like Boko Haram greets him every morning with gun salutes...we need peace oh. Not him."

Similarly, @Wisdom wrote: "Hope the president will address the nation 1st thing tomorrow morning, it has been long we see him on television. Nigerians need to hear from him. Please it's very important..."

@freemandj30 wrote: "That nigga is not a responsible president... I'm still waiting for when I'll hear the news that one UK citizen comes to Nigeria for a medical check-up. I wonder what happens to our medical sector."
Adejoh Friday said: “He wanted to stay (for) more days if not (for) harass Buhari out of London protest. Kudos to Reno.”

Udubrafore Otubure stated: “Imagine, number one citizen of a great nation in Africa going to another man's country for medical check-up, when he has all it takes to make the health sector up to the very best. Since he can afford to go abroad for treatment, can everyone afford it? People die every day all because of the inadequate health sector, people die all over the world but the death rate in Nigeria is unimaginable, terrorists killing, bad road, killing, inadequate health sector killing, even the so-called leaders who are supposed to protect lives killing, it's a pity, only God can save.”

Facebook user, Mike Aduma, just like other users, opined, “Now that he has returned to Nigeria there will still be no positive change. His return should not attract celebration.”

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