Respectfully speaking Mr Garba Shehu, the government is not telling Nigerians the truth, the statement that President Buhari cannot be bullied into negotiating with secessionist groups seem to give the impression that the  government is fully in charge or has some magic  to upturn situation when  in reality we are losing grounds to insurgence by the day.

We are aware that these problems have been and that they are beyond any political party, it is a time that Nigerians must sit down and tell themselves the truth. No matter how far we have gone in the wrong direction we will never arrive at our destination. Do not claim to be in charge and have control of this state of lawlessness, anxiety and uncertainty otherwise we will be asserting ineptitude, insensitivity  and maladroitness  as the  best  of the leadership to a citizen full of expectation from the government.

President Muhammadu Buhari

The youths are angry with the perpetual failure of government and are as at today still fighting themselves, whether as MILITARY, IPOB,  AFENIFERE, BOKO HARAM, BANDITS  OR MILITANTS. There is hardly any fifty five years old man at the forefront of any of these groups.  I advise the government that before these youths realize that they are not one another’s problem but failed leaders and leadership and come after the leaders please broker peace, give ear, create a forum for discussion and be ready to accept change. Do not forget that apart from the disbandment of SARS almost all the promises during the ENDSARS protest have been abandoned, security has worsened and our nation is down sliding.

Otuedon Vincent 
Human Rights Activist 
President, Liberty harbingers Network

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