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Confusion Over Alleged Attack On Igboho's House As Aides, Neighbours Give Conflicting Information

Confusion has continued to surround the alleged attack on the residence of Yoruba freedom fighter, Sunday Adeyemo, also known as Igboho by some gunmen on Monday.


This comes as Igboho's two aides could not agree on what actually transpired at the residence during the attack.


While one of the media aides to the activist, Olayomi Koiki said the attack on Igboho's residence was unleashed by men of the Nigerian Army, Navy and other special armed force, another aide, 

Oladapo Salami, told SaharaReporters that the identities of the attackers could not be ascertained. 


According to Salami, there was truly an attack but the attackers were resisted.

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He said, “Some people came but they were resisted. They came at exactly 1:30 am. We don't know them, we cannot say they were soldiers. All we can say is that some people came and they were resisted. We don't know who they were but they were resisted. We can't say they were from the Federal or state government. But the people were resisted.”


But Kioki insisted that Ighoho's house was besieged by men of the Nigerian military.


Koiki, in a video obtained by SaharaReporters, said the attack on Igboho's residence was unleashed by men of the Nigerian Army, Navy and other special armed forces.


According to him, it was an attack by the Nigerian government with the support of the state government aimed at stopping Igboho in his agitations for the independence of the Yoruba Nation. 


Koiki, who ran the broadcast at the car park of the activist’s residence, further urged every Yoruba person in Nigeria to beef up security around their respective houses.



He said, “The attack was unleashed on the fortified building of Chief Sunday Igboho. The federal government sent their bulldozer, and, they can't come to any state without the sitting governor of the state not knowing what is happening. The sitting governor is aware of what is happening.


“They've sent down people to come and shut us down, to come and tell us to keep quiet, to come and arrest Chief Sunday Igboho. You cannot arrest someone who is fighting for the peace of his people. 


“The federal government of Nigeria thinks they can come in the middle of the night to arrest Igboho. They can not get inside. The gunshots you're hearing is not just a soundtrack, the federal government sent their men to shut us down from saying Yoruba Nation Now. 


“They can't continue to kill and threaten us, and still bring it to our backyard, we are also holding them, we have pinned them down, how many of them, I will not tell you but we have pinned them down in their numbers. We have done what ought to be done. We will stand with Sunday Igboho, Iba Gani Adams.


“The federal government sent their military, armed forces and all their special forces. The governor cannot say he does not know about it. Seyi Makinde knows about it because all these things have been cooked by all these politicians. 


“For those of you who believe in this contraption called Nigeria. Nigeria works for only the North, Nigeria ought to work for all parts of the country. The federal government wants to invade us. We advise all the Yoruba sons and daughters to beef up security around them because if they can do this around our abode, how much more? Please be prepared. They thought we were sleeping, so they decided to invade. They thought this will make us shut up so we can stop what we are doing.


“I am advising all Yoruba sons and daughters in Ondo, Ogun, Oyo, Ekiti, Kwara, Lagos to beef up security around their houses because if they can do this on Sunday Igboho's residence, then they can do same elsewhere. Sunday Igboho is doing very well with his family. There is a siege on Sunday Igboho's residence. We call on the international community. What we are saying to European Union, African Union and the international community and every network across the world is that someone who wants to fight for his people, the federal government has brought war to his doorstep.


“They sent people to come down and kill, you can't come at 3 am without a mission. They are attacking us but we are holding the fort, we have the right to defend ourselves.”


However, some of Igboho's neighbours told SaharaReporters that there was no attack on the area. They said it was Koiki’s noise that woke everyone in the neighbourhood. 


According to them, they were awake and did not witness any assault on Igboho's house.


"It was Koiki's noise that us up, we actually didn't see anything so nothing of sort happened. There was no attack," one of the neighbours, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told SaharaReporters.