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Kogi Governor, Bello Flaunts Honorary Professorship From Non-degeee Awarding UK School, In Non-existent Course

The state Commissioner for Information had posted pictures of Yahaya Bello dressed in academic doctorate gown and posing with the certificate.

The Kogi State Government has announced that a school, St Thomas-A-Becket University, London, United Kingdom, awarded an honorary professorship to the governor, Yahaya Bello, as checks conducted by SaharaReporters show the award is questionable.

SaharaReporters observed that the school – St Thomas-A-Becket University – did not list Human Resources Management and Peace Building (the field in which Governor Bello was awarded – as one of the courses it offers in the institution.


Also, according to an educational service verification site in the UK, the said school does not offer recognised UK degrees at the moment.

Basically, the school is a non-degree awarding 'university' and not registered in the UK as a university. 

The state Commissioner for Information, Kingsley Fanwo, had posted pictures of Yahaya Bello dressed in academic doctorate gown and posing with the certificate.

“Professor (Honoris Causa) in Humanitarian services, Human Resources Management, Peace Building by the prestigious ST Thomas-A-Becket University, London and fellow of Wesley Synod Canterbury, Kent, United Kingdom. GYB, Your efforts in Kogi are noticed,” Fanwo had written on his Twitter handle on Sunday evening.

However an educational verification service, HEDD, said the university did not award recognised UK degrees.

“HEDD is the most trusted higher education verification service in the UK. We’ve verified more than half a million degrees for employers and universities. You can be confident that your organisation is protected from degree fraud and candidates are who they say they are.

“St Thomas a Becket College & University – This provider does not award recognised UK degrees,” the site confirmed.


SaharaReporters, also going through the courses offered by the university on its website, could not find any course like, “Humanitarian services, Human Resources Management, Peace Building” as claimed by the state commissioner, Fanwo.

The courses close to Yahaya Bello’s are: Business Administration and Management as well as Educational Administration and Management.

“There are so many fraudsters in his government and one of them may be trying to rip him off of money by arranging the non-existent honorary degree for the governor,” a source revealed.