Senator Clifford Ordia, representing Edo Central District in Upper Chamber was reportedly attacked twice by suspected bandits along Okenne-Lokoja and Lokoja-Abaji roads on Monday, TodayNg reports.

The suspected gunmen opened fire on his convoy while on his way to Abuja, the nation’s capital from his home town in Edo State.

Ordia, who is also the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Local and Foreign Debts, narrated his ordeal to journalists in Abuja on Wednesday.

He lamented that three policemen sustained injuries during the gun battle between the criminals and security officials attached to him, adding that one of the critically wounded policemen is responding to treatment at an Abuja hospital.

He also said his personal vehicle was perforated with bullets, though he was lucky to have escaped unhurt.

“I’m seriously traumatised by the experience. We were coming from Edo State, somewhere between Okenne and Lokoja, when we met these suspected bandits. They opened fire on my convoy. The gallant policemen had to immediately return fire.

“The other security vehicle behind had to immediately join them and they were able to repel the suspected bandits. During the exchange, three of the policemen sustained gun wounds. One of them was critically injured. We had to immediately rush them to a Federal Medical Centre in Lokoja, Kogi State.

“They did their best and were able to stabilise them. I’d immediately put a call across to the Federal Medical Centre in Abuja to be on standby. One of the policemen had a bullet lodged close to his liver.

“We met another setback around Abaji. There was traffic because of the incident and because we had to save the lives of the wounded policemen, we decided to make a move.

“They opened fire on us. Some vigilantes had to join the policemen and they were chased into the bush. That was how I survived that attack. If you see all my vehicles, you’ll see how the bullets damaged them. But I’m glad that we all survived. I must salute the gallantry of our policemen. If given the right equipment, they can do a lot and protect Nigerians,” Ordia said as he narrated his ordeal.

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